Diversity Defenders

This term the Diversity Defenders have been working hard to establish which individual liberty is the most important: the right to different beliefs, belonging, education, health or protection. We set up a reflection space in the hub for classes to visit and discuss these important issues.


As the year comes to an end we will be saying goodbye to some fantastic Diversity Defenders and will be looking for new ‘little activists’ to fight against prejudice. We strongly believe in celebrating difference and standing up against discrimination. If you feel the same join us! Here is why:
like being a Diversity Defender because you get to go on trips, you learn about diversity and educate the WHOLE school through fun activities and in assemblies. It’s fun, you will make new friends. It will benefit you and the world.” Eva Aged 11
“Come to Diversity Defenders because you can make a difference. We manage to change people’s thoughts so they think more about others. Join to make the world a better place. You could be a Diversity Defender!” Sara Aged 11
“Are you free to change the world because if you are you could become a Diversity Defender. Everyone would like you to come, you will feel proud of yourself and make friends. We learn about the UN and the global goals. We are fighting to reduce inequalities. We have fought for individual liberties, LGBT and disabled rights.” Lola Aged 9
“Did you know you could change the world? You should join this club because it’s really exciting to do new things. This year I loved digesting interesting information about disabilities and talking about it to school. We talk about religion too and how everyone wants peace.” Aaqib Aged 10
“Did you know you could make the world a better place? Join diversity Defenders. What would you do if you had the chance to be a Diversity Defender? I like helping people and getting people to understand other things and people. Come!” Krish Aged 8
“Why Join Diversity Defenders? Diversity Defenders has been an incredible experience for me and I am so sad my journey has come to an end. I would 100% recommend you joining because it’s fun, you’ll make new friends and the most important is you’ll make a massive impact on the world surrounding you. We have done anti bullying pickets, Transphobic bullying workshops and work on individual liberties in our hub. We even went to London to see the houses of parliament! It’s been great.” Mollie Aged 11. 

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