Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-bullying week was a huge success at Wibsey Primary school.

The message behind the national event this year was ‘everybody different, everybody equal’ and classes across school spent time celebrating how different and diverse we are whilst acknowledging that we are all equally important.

The school council did a fantastic job delivering anti-bullying assemblies to Key Stage one and Key Stage two!

They spent a lot of time researching the content of their presentations and making sure that they were both engaging and relevant to the children.

The Key Stage one assembly discussed important life skills such as knowing how to be a kind friend and the difference between bullying and falling out. The Key Stage two assembly discussed various types of bullying and the responsibilities that we have in order to promote zero tolerance of bullying in our school.

The believers did a wonderful job performing the anti-bullying song that they showcased at Wibsey’s Got Talent.

The afternoon finished off with a catwalk parade where it was brilliant to see so many children wearing blue/spotty clothes and supporting such fantastic causes like Children in Need and Anti-Bullying.

A massive thank you and congratulations to everyone involved!

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