Childrens University

Wibsey Primary School enjoys an active partnership with the national Children’s University. Under this scheme all our Key Stage 2 children are enrolled in the Leeds Children’s University which is led and managed by the Leeds Trinity University. Through celebrating achievement and rewarding participation in learning activities, Children’s University aims to raise aspiration, boost achievement and foster a love of learning so that children can make the most of their abilities and interests. All children in Key Stage 2 receive a Passport to Learning (on entry to year 3) which enables them to collect hours of learning. As these hours accumulate children are awarded national Children’s University awards and certificates and those who collect enough learning hours are invited to attend a Graduation ceremony at the University. Research carried out by the University of Cambridge confirms that participation in Children’s University has a positive impact upon success at school.

How does my child collect learning hours?

Hours can be collected through visiting a variety of accredited learning destinations such as museums and libraries. Other activities that children take part in within the local area such as sports clubs and brownie groups are also accredited. When you visit a learning destination your child will need to take their passport for stamping. If your child is involved in an activity that is not accredited then you can ask your provider to contact Phil Hardy at Leeds Trinity University who will meet with the provider to arrange the accreditation. A full list of all the learning activities accredited in can be found on the website.

All Holiday provision organised with Futures learning partnership is accredited as are all the before and after school clubs within school. If your child is attending any of these they need to take their learning passport with them so they can be stamped. Some school visits to accredited learning destination can be credited with learning hours, however these are limited to 5 per year.

Programme Overview

Children’s University

Leeds Children’s University


Leeds Trinity University offer a number of Super Saturdays and other events where children have opportunity to learn new skills and develop siftings and talents. Children did dancing and learnt a new sport called rocketball. In art they developed airbrushing techniques to produce stenciled works.

Art and dance Super Saturday