Year 1

 Year 1 BLP Reasoning Morning


BLP muscles used:

Collaboration  1(taking turns) 4 (sharing ideas)

Noticing 1 (searching for key information) 4 (asking questions)


We had a Maths / BLP reasoning morning where we had to solve a problem in a team.

We had to solve this in a variety of ways.

Our challenge question was:

Mr Cooper says 4+2=7

Mrs Brassington says he is wrong.

Who is correct?

First we used counters to show the addition calculations clearly.

After we showed the addition calculations through bar modelling.

We discovered that Mr Cooper was incorrect and explained this by using our reasoning mats.

Finally we were able to prove it by showing the calculation on a numberline and numicon.

It was a great morning.


Amazing Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework October 2017

Our class novel next term is called After the Storm featuring Percy the Park Keeper and his animal friends.

As an exciting  introduction into our learning we would like you to create an Awesome Autumn Animal Mask.

holiday homework Oct half term 2017


Have a safe and happy holiday.

We held a BLP skills afternoon.

Look at us turning a member of our team into a skeleton.

We had such fun.




Our School Prayer space

We have been lucky to host another prayer space in our school.

Dan and Catherine from the Salvation Army came to talk to us about:

Where people pray

What people pray about

How people pray


We ventured into the hub to think, discuss and experience:

What is special about me – the children made a thumb print to show their uniqueness.

Saying sorry – the children wrote or drew an experience they regretted on a whiteboard and then rubbed it out to show that when you are sorry you can have a fresh start.


What could I change to make things better – the children wrote ideas on an Autumn leaf.



The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a place of worship. For all Christians the cross reminds us that Jesus is alive and rose from the dead. The flag at the front of the church represents what the Salvation Army believe.

Yellow – Fire of the Holy Spirit

Blue – God is Holy

Red – Jesus died on the cross

The Salvation Army was started by William and Catherine Booth. 150 years ago you had to pay to sit down in a church and worship. William Booth did not like that. He believed that people should be welcomed into the church without paying.

The Salvation Army started to go out to the streets to tell people all about God.

Road Safety

We know how to cross the road safely.

Hold hands





Always hold a hand with a grown up

At the Puffin crossing

Press the button

Wait for the green man

Check it’s safe to cross

Mrs Little is our lollipop lady. Her job is to stop traffic and make sure it is safe to cross the road.


September 2017: Term 1
Are your bones fit or funny?

This half term we will have fun learning all about ourselves:

where we live
what makes us healthy
our bones
our senses
how magnificent we are.

English: We will continue to work on improving our phonics and sentence writing through exploring the Funnybones stories and characters.

Maths:  we will be working with numbers up to 30:

reading numbers
writing numbers
ordering numbers
matching numbers to amounts
using language more or less
counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
solving simple puzzles.