Year 4

Visit to Methley Estate

Year 4 had a fantastic time when they visited Methley Estate!

The children really enjoyed learning about nature and many thanks to all the adults involved in helping the visit to be a huge success!

In Humanities, we will be using what we discovered to compare and contrast with what we are learning about rainforests.

In English, we produced some amazing recounts of the day and it was brilliant to see children use a variety of writing skills such as:

  • A range of subordinating and coordinating conjunctions
  • Fronted adverbials including the use of a comma
  • The apostrophe to contract and demarcate possession

Holiday Homework

Next half term, Year 4 are learning all about Rainforests.  Your holiday homework is to research one of the main Rainforests.

This could include:

  • Where in the world your chosen Rainforest is
  • How the animals have adapted to live there
  • What the climate is like

Your homework needs to be presented to your class during the first week back (w/c Monday 30th October) and could be in the form of either a Model, Poster, PowerPoint or booklet.

Yet again, the Year 4 teachers would like to thank all the parents and carers for the help and input the children have had into their homework, which has been of a very high standard and has been both fascinating and delightful to read and listen to.

Year 4 Does a Splash!

As part of our topic ‘Would we survive without water?’, Year 4 have been studying the artwork of Bradford born artist David Hockney. We have focussed on his famous painting ‘The Bigger Splash’.

We have created some fantastic sketches of The Bigger Splash and then moved on to painting our own version of it. To do this, we first all sketched the painting, then we experimented with different shades of blue paint to recreate it. We also thought carefully about which size paintbrushes to use.

Here are just a few of our fantastic paintings!

This week year 4 had a visit from Premier Sport!  We had a brilliant time and learnt how to do Archery and Boccia.  We were split into teams and had to collaborate and cheer each other on to score points for our teams!  Archery was our favourite and we think we may have found some future Olympic Archery Competitors!

A big welcome to Year 4!

The children all look beautifully smart and have done some excellent work over the summer holidays.  A big thank you to all the parents who helped their children with this.  We cannot believe how much many of the children have grown and matured over the holidays and the teachers are extremely pleased to say how well they have settled into their new classes.

Autumn Term 1


During this term, our topic is a science drive topic “Could you survive without water?”.  As part of our topic, we will be learning about the changing states of water, the water cycle, where rain comes from and how clouds are formed as part of science.  During the latter part of the half term, our topic will be more geography based and we will be learning about rivers, how water gets to the sea and investigating when and how water can create problems for us.  We have already done a fantastic investigation about the changing states of water which included melting ice and looking at how water forms condensation.


Whilst looking at English skills, the children will also be writing letters based on our book of the term “The Waterhorse”.  This is a fabulous, exciting book written by Dick King-Smith, and we are sure the children will really enjoy reading it.  Whilst thinking about reading, it would be really helpful if you could hear your child read at least once a week and write a comment in their reading journals. The children are encouraged to respond critically to the text they are reading and write their own comments along side comments from teachers in school. The activities are to be completed and recorded in their journals regularly throughout the year. In year 4, we will also be rewarding children, by giving them extra stamps to spend in the Reward Shop if they read for a certain amount of time during the week! The children have access to our school library and, whilst children are encouraged to change their books frequently, our main day for the library access in Tuesday lunchtimes.


For the first half of the term, we will be focusing on our place value skills in maths and then will be moving on to learn about  the four different operations.  Mathletics homework will sometimes be set. If you do not have access to a computer/tablet at home then the Wibsey library has free internet access and Year 4 are running a “Mathletics Club” on a Tuesday lunchtime.  This is up and running and we aim to let all children have the opportunity of attending this throughout the year.  If you have trouble getting the app on your tablet or finding the web address, please double check that you are accessing the uk site.

Important information. 

PE days –

  • 4.1 – Tuesday
  • 4.2 – Thursday
  • 4.3 – Friday


This is set weekly and is usually given out by Wednesday and is due back by the following Wednesday.

Spellings are sent home alongside Maths and English each week and the children will be writing these in their spelling books. English homework will occasionally be a reading journal activity. Maths may be mathematics on the internet. If your child doesn’t have access to a computer, tablet or a smart phone then the teachers will allow them to use the computing suite one lunchtime.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to see the class teacher.

We look forward to fun-filled and progressive year of learning.

Mrs Bilevych, Mrs Egan and Mr Richards.