APC Clothing


The School uniform is both practical and attractive;  children are encouraged to wear their uniform with pride as an outward sign of belonging to Wibsey Primary School.  All items of clothing should be clearly named.  School colours are purple/gold/grey.


GIRLS                                                                        BOYS


Foundation / KS1


gold polo shirt                                               gold polo shirt

WPS purple sweatshirt                               WPS purple sweatshirt

/ purple cardigan

grey skirt / pinafore dress / trousers     grey trousers

sensible black shoes                                  sensible black shoes


Summer Uniform

purple/primrose gingham cotton dress    gold polo shirt

grey short / long trousers


P.E Kit  – required from Year 1

White T Shirt

Black/Navy shorts

Black pumps



white blouse                                                     white shirt

purple / gold school tie                                purple / gold school tie

Purple ‘V’neck cardigan                              Purple ‘V’ neck sweatshirt

grey skirt / trousers                                       grey trousers

sensible black shoes                                    sensible black shoes



Summer Uniform

short sleeved white blouse (with tie)        short sleeved white shirt  and school tie

grey skirt                                                           grey shorts / trousers

dresses (as KS1) if preferred




Children in Years 5 require a dark coloured (more visible in the water) one piece costume or trunks, not shorts, for swimming. Swimming caps will be provided for those who do not have one.


Denim should not be worn at any time unless requested by the school for specific activities.

Long hair should be tied back neatly.

Jewellery should not be worn in school. If you as a parent insist on a child wearing an earring this must be limited to a plain stud. Wibsey Primary School cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury concerning jewellery. Please note that, whilst school takes all reasonable precautions, they cannot be held responsible for damage, loss or theft of items brought to school by children.


Uniform can be ordered by using the link below, you can have it delivered free to school by inputting wibseyfreepost at the time of ordering.

APC Clothing