Year 3

Year 3 Summer Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework


When Killinghall Primary Came to Visit!

The children in year 3 have been given a very exciting opportunity to link with Killinghall Primary School, another 3-form entry school in Bradford under the Linking Schools Project.  The aim of the Project is to further develop the childrens’ social skills, raise their achievement and aid their understanding of different cultures and communities, whilst participating in lots of fun, hands-on activities.

The first of the meetings took place at Kala Sangham, a neutral venue, and was a massive success.  Following on from this visit, Killinghall Primary have this week visited us here at Wibsey.  Again, the link was very successful and the children and adults learnt a lot about each other, through lots of games and activities.  We played ‘Human Bingo’ and you’d be really surprised at just how many children can actually touch their nose with their tongue!  We drew around each others’ bodies and shared our likes and dislikes and had a brilliant time showing Killinghall our fantastic playground.  The children also collaborated to see who could build the tallest ‘Marshmallow Tower’ which had to stand the test of time!  Big congratulations to the Winning team whose tower stood tall for 15 seconds and measured 42cm!

Here are some photographs of our day and we can’t wait to go and see Killinghall Primary at their school during the Summer Term.


Year 3 visits the Salvation Army!

This week Year 3 have been on a fantastic trip to visit the Salvation Army in Wibsey.  We learnt about how Christians believe we should be good neighbours, why the Bible is important to them and listened to a lovely Bible story.  We also learnt about how Christians in the Salvation Army help other people in countries across the world, by making sure they have enough water, doctors and medical supplies.

Our favourite part was learning about why the Salvation Army members wear a uniform, what their uniform was like in the past and we all had the opportunity to try on the uniforms they wear now.  We then predicted and designed what we thought their uniforms might be like in 2099!  We had a fantastic visit and learnt lots of things and here are just a few of the photographs.


Easter Holiday Homework Challenge:

Handed out Friday, 7th April 2017

To be done by Monday, 24th April.

For maths, you have your Key Instant Recall Facts and your teachers have also set you a challenge on Mathletics!

recall facts

Holiday homework challenge

Wibsey link with Killinghall Primary School!

Over the last term, the children in year 3 have been linking with Killinghall Primary School.  We have all made new friends, and learnt about different cultures and communities.  We played lots of circle games with Killinghall Primary School and discussed our similarities and differences.  We even learnt a Bollywood dance and collaborated, in teams from both schools, to do a fantastic treasure hunt around Bradford Cathedral.  We had a brilliant time, met lots of new people and here is just a small selection of the photographs from our trips.

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Spring holiday homework


Year 3 are Chocolatiers!

Our novel this half term is ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’.  As part of our topic, we have had a visit from the Ministry of Chocolate.  We learnt about how chocolate is made, where in the world Cocoa Trees grow best and who first invented chocolate over 3,000 years ago.

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We also learnt about different types of chocolate and which is best for us to eat.  The best part of the day was using our five senses to test chocolate!  We found some fantastic words to describe the taste, smell, touch, look and even how the chocolate wrappers sound!. Yum Yum!

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Year 3 Holiday Homework

Have you ever thought about what would make the perfect chocolate bar?  Would it have a hard or a soft centre?  Chewy or crunchy?  Perhaps it would have an unusual flavour or texture.

This is your chance to design your ideal chocolate bar!

If you want to sell your chocolate bar you need to advertise it.  Your first task is to create a poster which will make this wonderful delight fly off the shelves.  What will your bar be called?  Make sure that in your poster you describe the taste, smell and texture of it.  What is in it?  What will make people buy it?

Your second task is to make the packaging for your creation.  You could draw it or use collage materials (such as the sweet papers that may well be around over the holidays!).  Make it stand out and be one of a kind.

We look forward to seeing your creations – we might have to send some of your ideas to Willy Wonka.

Finally, if you have any unusual shapes of chocolate boxes in your house please save them and bring them into school on the first Monday back for us to look at.

Have a lovely relaxing break,

Mrs Egan, Mrs Orton Mrs Humprhies, and Mrs Germaine

Year 3’s Visit to the National Media Museum


As part of our topic “Are you a Master of Magic?”, year 3 visited the National Media Museum.  We had a fantastic time in The Magic Factory looking at the different ways friction and forces are used in magic tricks.

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As part of our topic, we are also learning about animation so we visited the Animation Gallery to learn about the history of animation and how animators bring objects and drawings to life.  We have made our own storyboards and are going to animate these using Scratch, so it really helped our learning to look at the original Bob the Builder storyboard.  Then we sat in the animation booth and watched animations from as far back as 1897! We had a fantastic time!

In year 3, we have been learning all about plants.  We have had a brilliant time naming the different parts of the plants, drawing them and learning what each part does.  We learnt about the roots, the stem, the petals and the seeds.  After that, we made seeds out of paper and went outside to learn how the wind disperses some them.


We put celery into blue coloured water to notice how plants carry water.  After that, we learnt about how seeds germinate and turn into fully grown plants and looked at what they need to grow.  We conducted a fair test to see how seeds germinate, but we removed one thing to see which grew the best.  Some didn’t have water, some didn’t have sunlight, some didn’t have space and some didn’t have warmth.



Year 3 Holiday Homework


After the holidays, the year 3 topic is ‘Are you a Master of Magic?’  This will be a science based topic during which the children will be learning about friction and magnetic forces.

Your holiday homework is to research anything you would like about friction and forces.  Your teachers would like you to present your homework to your class during the first week back, and this could be in the form of a poster, a PowerPoint presentation or a piece of writing.


Read the poem the “Magic Box” write your own poem based on this but fill it with the wonderful things you enjoy and love.


Your numeracy homework is to learn the Key Instant Recall Facts for the 3 times table, and a sheet is attached to help you with this.

Have a lovely, safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Year 3 Teachers


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the children from Year 2 to KS2, Year 3.


After the holidays, the year 3 topic is ‘Can we explore the world?’. This will be a geography based topic during which the children will be learning about Europe and its countries.

Your holiday homework is to complete the All about Europe Fact File, in which you can research information about a European country of your choice. You may also create your own poster or use the Fact File template. Your teachers would like you to present your homework to your class during the first week back.


Find a good book that you can recommend to a friend for when you get back to school.


For Numeracy we would like you to learn your 2, 5 and 10 times tables by heart WITHOUT using your fingers. You will be doing times table tests after the holidays.

We would also like you to learn the value of each digit in a 3 digit number and a sheet is attached to help you with this.

Have a lovely, safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Guy, Mrs Orton, Mrs Germaine and Ms Pachela