Year 6

6.1 Visit the PLC

6.1 had a visit to the Positive Lifestyle Centre (PLC) yesterday morning. We played several games about ‘Positive Me’ and being positive towards others, as well as discussing any worries and concerns the children had moving on to secondary school. Each group then worked as an ‘agony aunt’ to solve the problems and reassure each other. The children felt much better towards their school transition and really enjoyed the games/activities. Thank you Clare for a wonderful, reassuring morning!
PLC evaluations from the children:
“I enjoyed the whole morning”
“The bookmark game was the best”
“I enjoyed it and my favourite thing was the word game”
“It was very useful”
“I feel like it really helped me for Year 7”
“This lesson was very helpful”
“I feel confident about high school”​
“The activities were fun and we were given good advice, I thought it was very enjoyable”.
Miss Armitage

Holiday Homework

We would like you to research our next topic: World War II.

You could focus on a particular historical person, e.g. Anne Frank, Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler.

Choose your own way to present your findings – you can be as creative as you like.

Possible ideas include: PowerPoint presentation, art work, models, diary entry or even a non-chronological report.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and displaying the work.


Please have an enjoyable, well-deserved half-term break.

Year 6 staff

Welcome to Year 6!

Well done to all the year 6 pupils who have completed all their SATS tests this week. The staff at Wibsey Primary are very proud of every single child for trying their very best.
From Year 6 Staff

Greek Day

Greek visitor

Year 6 had a Greek visitor last Friday. We saw several artefacts and built on our existing knowledge of the Ancient Greeks. Also, we were lucky enough to have a go at playing some typical Greek games and even attempting to copy the Spartan battle formations outside! It was a packed ‘Groovy Greek’ day!


Holiday Homework

Please complete the Mathletics homework and your Math’s and English booklets.

Revise all of your spellings that you have learnt so far this year. Remember that a copy of the year 5 and 6 spelling word bank is inside your Reading and Homework Journal if you need it​.

Year 6 visit the PLC

All the year 6 classes have visited Positive Lifestyle Centre (PLC) now. We have had a very interesting and thought-provoking time exploring the topic of Citizenship. The pupils were lucky enough to visit the Bradford City stadium too and discussed how we can be good citizens whilst being out in public places.


6.1 visit the PLC

6.1 have had the first Positive Lifestyle Centre session of the year, on Citizenship. They have explored ideas about how to become a good citizen and used role-play to act out scenarios in order to demonstrate their understanding. In addition to this, the class were very lucky to enter Bradford City Stadium and even met one of the football club’s chairmen. During the evaluation of the session, some children wrote: ‘this lesson was fun and we learnt a lot about citizenship’, ‘I really enjoyed working with the teachers’ and ‘I think this experience was really good for our class’.

​6.2 and 6.3 have their sessions over the next two weeks, which i’m sure will be very inspiring.

Miss Armitage

Holiday Homework

Miss Armitage’s Maths Holiday Homework – Complete the booklet on the four operations. If you would like to do any extra work, feel free to complete the Arithmetic booklet and Mathletics activities.

Miss Armitage’s English Holiday Homework – Complete the reading paper and two grammar tests. Children should ensure they know how to spell the Y5/6 words that we have covered so far and read during the holidays.

Kensuke’s Kingdom

Year 6 have continued reading the novel Kensuke’s Kingdom this half term. We have followed Micheal on his journey and used the class text as inspiration for comprehension activities, understanding grammar and creating a purpose for writing. The pupils have written their own adventure stories! It will be a shame to finish the novel – the children have thoroughly enjoyed it.

imag4210 imag4208 imag4209


Year 6 have been looking at how mountains are formed and different types of mountains. We have developed our atlas skills by finding and plotting the famous mountain ranges from around the world. In addition to this, we have explored the Alps with Bear Grylls and investigated how he survives in those conditions. What an adventure we have been on!

imag4215 imag4211 imag4212 imag4213 imag4214

Visit to Oakwell Hall

Year 6 have been on a visit to Oakwell Hall in order to have a real-life experience of geo-caching. The children applied their geography skills to navigate around the park and used their noticing muscles to find the geo-caches. We have written recounts of our trip, which linked with our English diary writing, as well as drawing OS survey maps and reading grid references.

second-part-of-recount photo4 photo3 photo2 photo-1 os-map-of-oakwell-hall2 os-map-of-oakwell-hall first-part-of-recount