Religious Education

The RE curriculum reflects the multi-cultural nature of our city, and aims to promote better understanding of other faiths and beliefs, to enable children to learn about the 6 major world religions, and also to learn from them.

The syllabus is tailored to the needs of our city and provides us with the opportunity to prepare our pupils for active citizenship in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 explore religion and beliefs through addressing ‘Deep Questions’ about the three core areas of beliefs, practices and forms of expression. They study different religions as they progress through school. A major focus is the opportunity to compare beliefs, and to look for similarities and differences in key teachings and values. By the end of Year 6, children will have studied all 6 major world religions in some depth.

A key component of the provision for RE is the opportunity for children to participate in learning outside the classroom, through visiting places of worship, participating in activities during Interfaith Week and attending the ‘Believe in Bradford Conference’ and Bible Times exhibitions. This not only broadens their horizons and experiences, but also is hugely enjoy able and informative.

There is a statutory requirement to teach RE in accordance with the locally agreed syllabus, which is reviewed every 5 years.

Religious Education