School Policies

WPS Statement of procedure for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff Oct 15

WPS Accessibility Policy and Plan March 2015

WPS Admission Policy Dec 2014

WPS Appraisal Policy Dec 15

WPS Administration of Medication Guidance – reviewed Jan 2017, policy in-line with Local Authority.

WPS  Art May 2016

WPS  Assessment Policy December 2016

WPS Assement Cycle December 2016

WPS  Attendance Management Policy  (staff) Oct 15

WPS Attendance policy Sept 2016

WPS  Behaviour Policy March 2017

WPS Capability Policy 2015

WPS Charging Policy Statement Feb 17

WPS Child protection policy Jan 16

WPS Code of Ethical Practice

WPS Complaints Policy March 2016

WPS Complaints and Grievance (staff)  Jan 16

WPS Computing Policy September 2016

WPS Data Protection Jan 2016

WPS Design and Technology Policy 2016

WPS Disciplinary Policy (staff) 2014

WPS DBS Policy Jan 16

WPS Dress Code Policy Feb 17

WPS Educational Visits Policy May 2017

WPS English April 2016

WPS English as an Additional Language Policy  December 2016

WPS Equality Policy Feb 16

WPS  Flexible Phased retirement policy June 2016

WPS Flexible Working Policy October 2016

WPS Freedom of Information Policy and Procedures 2016

WPS Foundation Stage Policy 2016

WPS Good Practice Packed Lunch Guidelines June 16

WPS Governor Allowance Policy Jan 16

WPS Governor Induction Policy Jan 16

WPS Governor Visits 2016

WPS Geography Policy 2016

WPS Health and Safety Policy Feb 17

WPS History 2016

WPS Homework 2016

WPS Inclusion 2016

WPS International Schools 2016

WPS Learning Environment 2016

WPS Lost Child policy Jan 16

WPS Marking 2016

WPS Maths Jan 17

WPS MFL 2016

WPS Mobile and Electronic Device policy March 2017

WPS Music April 2016

WPS Pay Policy 2016

WPS  PE Policy April 2016

WPS Positive Behaviour policy Jan 16

WPS Positive Handling 2016

WPS Protocol for Governor Visits Jan 16

WPS Pupil Induction 2016

WPS Pupil Premium Policy February 2017

WPS Race Equality 2011

WPS RE policy Oct 2016

WPS Recruitment and Selection policy June 16

WPS Safeguarding Policy Jan 2016

WPS School Food Policy June 16

WPS Science 2016

WPS SEN Policy 2015 Jan 16

WPS Seperated Parents 2016

WPS Social Networking 2016

WPS SRE Policy

WPS Staff Development Policy April 2016

WPS Staff Leave of Absence Oct 2016

WPS Staff Grievance Policy March 2016

WPS Teaching and Learning 2016

WPS Whistle Blowing March 2015

WPS Voluntary Fund Oct 15

WPS Young Carers Policy March 2017