Year 6 Leavers Presentation

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  1. Louise Gott says:

    Awww this was amazing!! Thankyou for being such a fantastic school for all 3 of my girls! Its the end of an era after 11 years of drop off and pick ups! From myself, Caitlin Holland, Keira and Brooke Gott…We will miss you, thankyou once again!!! #teamwibsey

  2. Jade Thorpe says:

    So cute xx

  3. Lauren charlwood says:

    Aww lovely

  4. Trixie says:

    I think this school has done lots! I will miss it so much by just picking up everyone. Thank you to all the teachers who supported the children day by day putting them in front of them. They supported them and strived to cheer for them. All these children have achieved their full potential. By the power off Wibsey! Wibsey team!

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