Wibsey Primary School Parliament Visit to London

Our school parliament had a fantastic time visiting the Houses of Parliament in London. Read on to find out about some amazing things that we did.

We started our exciting day by travelling to London on the train and in order to travel to Westminster, we went underground and travelled on the tube!

As part of our visit to Parliament, we experienced a tour where we were able to spectate the debates taking place in the Houses of Commons and the Houses of Lords. We also saw many other magnificent things in St Stephens Hall which are an important part of the history of our democratic society.

A suffragette named Margery Humes chained herself to this statue as part of a protest about women having equal rights to vote.

We saw the spectacular light sculpture which is called ‘New Dawn’ and is located just above the entrance to Stephen’s Hall. This fascinating glass, metal and light sculpture marks 150 years since a philosopher names John Stewart Mill presented to parliament a petition calling for votes for women.

After our tour, we took part in an interesting workshop about campaigning. We found out valuable information that we will use to help promote and deliver our parliament campaigns in school.

We used some amazing technology to vote anonymously about which campaigns we believe should be a priority for modern day life and our future world.

The role-play was great fun and an engaging way to find out about which method of campaigning was most successful and influential.

We were absolutely thrilled when our local MP came to see us! Judith Cummins was very friendly and she answered lots of questions about the roles and responsibilities of being an MP.

As you can see, we had an awesome time and made some fantastic memories that we will cherish forever. A huge thank you to all staff and families for your help and support in enabling the trip to take place.

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