Wibsey Go Fishing!

At Wibsey, we are keen to give children different experiences and what could be a more exciting experience than to go fishing, especially on a gorgeous day. Some Year 3 and 4 children were luckily enough to experience this at Fairview Fishing Lakes in Wilsden. We had amazing fishing instructors, Lee and Caleb, with us who helped bring in our catch and untangle our lines! Amongst the both groups we caught over 90 fish. Of course all equipment including the hooks were kind to the fish and we gently let the fish go back into the lake after we had some photos taken. Some of the children even did the tradition of kissing the fish before returning them to the water – eww! In the last few moments of the Year 3 session, Leevi caught the biggest fish we had seen! We had to have a group photo with it and even some of the fisherman were jealous of the size of it. Wibsey would like to say a big thanks for Lee and Caleb who were outstanding and thoroughly engaged the children in the fishing, whilst still giving the children the opportunity to be independent and fully immersed in the day. It has been an amazing experience and one we would like to replicate sometime soon with more children.

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  1. Clare Cooper says:

    Amazing photos 😊

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