BLP Work Across the Curriculum

Year 2

Making Moon Buggies

We used our BLP muscles to work together to design our Moon Buggies so they were able to carry an astronaut.

We used recycled materials to make our Moon Buggies.

We collaborated to make our Moon Buggies.

We used our perseverance muscle to help us complete our buggies.

Working collaboratively!


The children in Nursery love playing with the BLP puppets.  They’re like members of the class and help the children to develop their ‘super powers’, just like superheroes.


This is Collaborative Clarice.  She helps the children to work together.  Clarice reminds them of what to do if they are stuck.

  • Try for yourself
  • Ask a friend
  • Ask an adult

This is Copy Cat.  Her super power is ‘Imitation’.  She helps the children to learn how to do new things by copying others.

This is Curious George.  He reminds the children to ask questions, in order to learn new things.


This term the children are learning to use their IMITATION super power.

Whilst using the block paints the children realised they could copy each other to mix some new colours.

One of the afternoon children was really good at wrapping up boxes to make presents.  She showed the others how she did it so that they could copy and wrap their own.

Everyone used their IMITATION super power in order to use chopsticks during Chinese snack.

Year 1

We had lots of fun looking at toys from the past. We used our BLP listening muscle to find out about the toys and our questioning muscle to ask questions about the toys. We also used our noticing muscle to see what materials the toys were made out of.

Year 4

As part of our Science and Geography work this half-term, we have been studying Living Things and their Habitats, as well as Rainforests. This week, our learning has taken us to Tropical World, Leeds for a trip, where we were able to look at and make links between a variety of living things and their habitats, as well as learn even more about rainforests! We used our questioning muscles to ask lots of different questions and our noticing muscles to spot animals and features we have learnt about in our lessons.

We had such a brilliant day and learnt even more about our topics!

Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages.

We had to find the equivalent fraction, decimal and percentage, but not all of them were easy so we used our perseverance muscle and put in the extra effort in the challenging task. We had to work together to check our progress, question whether we were correct or not and make links with our previous learning to ensure we were correct.

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