How we create an Individual My Support Plan

The aim of our provision is to identify and assess the SEND and to plan the provision needed for each pupil to achieve his or her best at Wibsey Primary School.

Some SEND pupils may need extra support to achieve their learning potential. If this is the case then this is what we will do. We will arrange a meeting with the parents/carers and pupil (if appropriate) to discuss what is needed to put together a Wibsey Primary My Support Plan. Before the Plan can be drawn up the following information is gathered:

  • The pupil’s views and what he or she wants to achieve on their learning journey through Wibsey Primary.
  • The views of the parents/carers and what they would like to see as an outcome from their child’s time at Wibsey Primary.
  • A school based learning assessment.
  • Current and expected levels of attainment.

We will meet again and look at all this information and then, together, a My Support Plan will be drawn up. The My Support Plan will include outcomes and provision, so everyone at the meeting will have something to do to help the young person on their learning journey. We will set a review date in the meeting. This will give us time to work together to achieve the agreed outcomes.

Some SEND pupils may need support from professionals outside of the school setting to achieve a successful learning journey. If this is the case then those views will be considered in drawing up a Wibsey Primary My Support Plan. This could include:

  • Parents/carers seeking medical advice about the young person.
  • School requesting 0-25 Inclusive Education services involvement with the young person.
  • School requesting advice from specialist disability teams.

This will mean there will be more people at the planning meeting, but everybody will have a responsibility to help the young person be successful on their learning journey.

Using Wibsey Primary My Support Plans we are able to develop plans to help families who have asked for our help to support their child because he or she is failing to make good learning and/or social, emotional and behavioural progress. There are many reasons why this may be happening and we are able to offer advice or support to the family depending on their needs. This has been very successful.


If a child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, then we provide the support detailed in the plan.

Bradford Children’s Services SEN department will be responsible for the EHCP and reviews will be held at least once a year to ensure the pupil’s needs are being met.