At the heart of our curriculum is the desire to pursue excellence in both academic subjects, in personal growth and in the other interests and talents our children hold.

By developing and refining a rich curriculum we will be meeting the learning needs and interests of every child as we scaffold them as they progress to independence.

Through the ethos of the school and the curriculum, children are encouraged to develop learning skills and behaviours to build lifelong learning powers. These will enable our children to be confident, capable and creative life-long learners who are resilient to the challenges a changing world presents them with…

Wherever possible the school uses a cross-curricular approach. This means that skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of subjects are brought together and form a theme of learning. Within the theme, children are able to practise, apply and develop their literacy and numeracy skills in other curriculum areas, with the skills taught being differentiated for the year group and ability of the pupils.

Our ‘Long Term Plans’ show each year group’s overview of themes and curriculum learning.

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