Meet The Subject Leads

Mr Quinn – Maths Lead Statement

From a very early age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. My Mum worked in a local school and because her half-term holidays were at a different time to mine, she would drag me along to work with her and get me helping out other children. I remember thinking, ‘I can’t believe people get paid to do this!’, although I didn’t quite understand at the time how challenging teaching is…

What drew me to being interested in teaching maths was the enjoyment of the challenges it poses, the struggles, mistakes and many questions that can lead to student’s eyes lighting up with understanding. Maths foster’s positive attitudes, fascination and excitement of discovery through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts. Children at Wibsey Primary School reflect and work on their brain learning power (BLP) skills regularly and I want to continue to support that ethos as maths lead, building a whole school maths culture where our children feel encouraged to embrace their mistakes and see struggle as an opportunity for growth, opening themselves up to taking risks that are essential to learning. Maths lessons at Wibsey Primary School develop children’s mathematical thinking and conceptual understanding, using concrete manipulatives (objects) and pictorial representations (pictures), as well as abstract examples that give children opportunities to explain or justify their mathematical reasoning. I am passionate about supporting staff with maths teaching in school and I believe strongly that children will succeed in all areas of the curriculum because we value its importance for communication and deep thinking.


Miss Baker – English Lead

As English lead at Wibsey I have a passion to see children flourish, thrive and develop a love for reading, writing and all things English! I have worked with children of all ages and stages of development and wish to inspire both children and teachers alike to achieve their full potential. I have led different curriculum areas and have gained leadership experience in those roles and in my role as a Local Authority moderator. Teaching and leadership for me is about inspiring and empowering others; providing opportunities to help others develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to lead happy and successful lives both now and in the future.


Miss Rankin – Geography Lead

My role as Geography lead has developed during my time at Wibsey Primary school. I have worked alongside expert geographers and curriculum specialists to improve both my knowledge and understanding of the subject.  I have attended a number of specialist training courses with the Geographical Association, here I learnt about the importance of educating pupils on a range of different cultures and traditions, and teaching tolerance, respect and the understanding of other people and their environments.  It is my role as the Geography lead to encourage both staff and pupils to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people.  Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future, it is therefore vital that our children have a deep understanding of the impact of human activity on the planet.


Miss Waugh & Mrs Boocock – EYFS Lead

Miss Waugh:

I have been teaching for twelve years in the EYFS, having previously worked as a Nursery Nurse for 15 years in a number of schools in Bradford. I decided that teaching was my future and studied for my Bachelor of Education  Hons) at Leeds University.  I have worked in three Bradford Schools since qualifying as a teacher and moved to join Wibsey Primary School in September 2022. Mrs Boocock and I, joined at the same time and have both taken on a middle leadership role, supporting Mrs Ellis-Barker, our Phase Leader and Assistant Head in developing the EYFS at Wibsey. I currently teach in Nursery, which I love! It is a real joy to welcome our children and support them in the first step of their education. We both strive to improve our practise through Continual Professional  Development, sharing our knowledge with our team, in order to improve the experience of all the children we teach. Our ambition for our children is that they leave the EYFS with all the skills and knowledge they need to continue their journey at Wibsey Primary School. We want our children to feel safe, happy and confident and to achieve to their full potential.

Mrs Boocock:

Having spent many years working with children across the Bradford District I have learned that when we work effectively as a team we succeed in our mission to provide the very best for young children. Every member of the Early Years team brings a different element of skill, experience and knowledge. Collaboratively, our role is to facilitate learning for the children in our care, to understand what young children need in order to flourish and provide quality learning opportunities.

When we do so, children begin to adopt a love of learning personal to them. They develop independence and resilience; learning to take ownership of themselves, their choices and decisions.

Children develop long lasting, meaningful friendships that stay with them throughout their time in primary school and this makes for a happy, confident, all-encompassing learner.

Welcome to Wibsey Primary School…we are honoured to be a part of your child’s journey.


Mrs Davies – Art Lead

I have had an interest in Art since being a child. I enjoyed taking part in Art at school and went on to get a qualification in Expressive Arts at college. I believe it is important to be able to express ourselves through Art work by exploring different resources and learning different techniques. I firmly believe that Art lets our imagination wonder and its doesn’t matter what the final outcome is because it’s your own expressive, creative work.  I hope to inspire pupils at Wibsey Primary School to become involved in Art in its many forms.


Mrs Baldwin – DT Lead

I started leading DT at Wibsey Primary in February 2022 after putting my name forward for the role with Mr Cooper. I have completed an A-Level in DT Textiles and this is where my love for Design Technology began. Since taking on the role I have had the opportunity to complete many different tasks across the year groups which has allowed me to view DT as the bigger picture. In turn this has allowed me to enhance and develop our Design Technology curriculum. At Wibsey Primary School, the overarching purpose of our Design Technology curriculum is to develop a creative mind, flourish the imagination and to design and make products within a variety of contexts. Our curriculum has been carefully designed so that it is engaging, providing breadth, depth and access to the full curriculum for every pupil. Design and technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering both their own and others’ needs, wants and values.


Miss Bajwa – PE Lead

I am passionate about PE as I know the benefits of keeping fit and healthy from staying active first hand. As a child and into my teenage years, I myself was a British Champion in freestyle dancing and enjoyed going dancing as my hobby for a number of years. This love for fitness has stayed with me through adulthood as I now enjoy attending the gym. I firmly believe exercise and staying fit and healthy has a massive impact on wellbeing, mental health and fitness levels. I hope to instil these qualities in the pupils at Wibsey Primary.



Mrs Noble – IT Lead

As someone who is passionate about how we use technology and how this technology can impact on our children’s potential to transform the world, I am delighted to lead computing at Wibsey Primary school.

I firmly believe that every child should have the chance to develop their analytical thinking through engaging and inspiring learning opportunities that empower young learners to explore the exciting world offered through all aspects of the computing curriculum. I am confident that I continue to make a positive and lasting effect to the whole community.  I do this through enabling the practical, logical and analytical aspects of programming, coding and especially Esafety at Wibsey Primary School.