Year 5 BLP afternoon – ‘Can you make a bag?’

​First of all, we had to ask questioned for our first task to show our curiosity about what was going on and to show that we could ask appropriate questions. Then we had to sort our questions into level of importance and could only ask the teacher 3 questions, to collect information.

Our second task was to collaborate to agree on our roles within our group; Lead Learner, Collector, Tester and Presenter.

Whilst constructing our bags, we used our collaboration muscle to take turns, share ideas, be patient with others, know what needs to be done and consider our team’s progress. Also, we used our perseverance muscle to create a clear end goal – a bag.

When our bag was tested, we collaborated to check our team’s progress with the end goal. Our bag was then tested and we used our perseverance muscle by suggesting improvements and then we collaborated again to identify obstacles and perseverance to understand that it is worth putting the effort in.