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You may well be aware of a Netflix TV series called ‘Squid Game’.

Released in mid-September, it is now the most popular series on Netflix. However, it has a certificate rating of 15 years old due to its extreme violence, and so it is not suitable for primary aged children

The popular TV series has led to Squid Game-style contests and online challenges which are going viral on social media and are easily accessible to children.

Please follow the below link to understand the basis of Squid Game and the potential risks to young people who might be exposed to it.

Profiles on Netflix can be set to age-restrict content.

Parental guide to Netflix here:


Please find below some useful information on Online Safety.

Police Digital Security Centre – safeguarding children online 

They have a range on information and posters on keeping children safe including how to set parental and child settings and how to set parental control settings.

Internet Safety info

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