Mayan Banquet

Year 4 had a fantastic end of term banquet to showcase and celebrate all of the hard work that we have been doing. We got to taste Maya food such as tortilla, turkey, maize, papaya, avocado, beans and hot chocolate! All 90 children, teachers and even some of the school Governors came to celebrate with us.

Afterwards, parents were invited in to look at the different work that we have done around the Mayas, including clay calendars, story writing, and humanities work about how they lived and who they worshipped.

Did you know that the Maya, used to eat dogs and monkeys? Eww. Thank goodness we did’t do that today! The Maya also believed that they were made from maize (corn), which is very strange. However, they were the first civilisation to have drinking chocolate – which we also drank today – thankfully ours had sugar in so it was scrummy!

Have a look at some of our photos.