Year 6

Year 6 homework – due in 22.1.20


DUE IN 22nd JANUARY 2020


Rule: -ent or -ant

1. observant

2. innocent

3. hesitant

4. tolerant

5. decent

6. frequent

7. assistant

8. expectant

9. confident

10. independent





10- minute SAT Buster:




10- minute SAT Buster







10- minute SAT Buster:



2. Mathletics

Times Table Rock Stars





Holiday Homework

  1. Research WW2. Present your findings. Think carefully about significant dates, events and people.
  2.  Learn your Year 5/6 spellings and complete the semi-colon homework.
  3. Arithmetic questions.
  4. Comprehension questions


Survival Trip

At the end of Autumn 2, some Year 6 children were selected to be learning ambassadors for our next topic – Survival Skills. We visited Blackhills Scout Campsite and learnt a rage of survival techniques. We built our own shelters to shelter us from the rain, collected twigs to make fires to: keep warm, boil water for hot chocolate and enjoyed toasted marshmellows.

Anti-Bullying week w/c 11th November 2019

Year 6 will be focusing on the clip ‘For the Birds’

The children will be able to choose activities to complete from our task map.

Holiday Home Learning

Choose an animal and research i. Present your findings. Remember to think about:

  • Appearance
  • Behaviour
  • Habitat
  • Adaptations

Learn your spellings and complete your grammar and punctuation homework.


Times Table Rock Stars


Thank you to all the children who auditioned in class 6.3 for Wibsey’s Got Talent. The following auditions, the class were able to vote for their favourite act to send to the ‘live shows.’ After counting the votes… our act… going through to the live shows … is… MYLIE!

Well done! You wowed the audience with well-rehearsed magic tricks and left the audience with dropped jaws wondering how you did what you did!

Well done and good luck!

Class 6.3

Art Week

Step 4

In Step 4 the children combined pattern, tone and shape to create a Blitz silhouette.

Step 2

Step 1

As part of our Art week Year 6 have being analysing and evaluating an artist’s work.

Easter Holiday Homework

Maths Homework

  • KS2  Maths – SAT Buster Number minute tests: SET C TEST 3,4

English Homework

  • Practise spelling the Year 5/6 spellings
  • KS2 English SAT Buster – 10 minute tests Reading: SET C TEST 2,3
  • KS2 English SAT Buster – 10 minute tests Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: SET C TEST 3,4


Mrs Scott’s and Miss Leggett’s English sets:

Research the Greek god, Zeus. Choose the way in which you want to present your information.

Mrs Atherton’s English set:

Research World War 2. Choose the way in which you want to present your information.


Safer Internet Day


Holiday Homework

2010 Reading SATs paper ‘Golden Dream’

Reading Booklet

Answer Booklet


2012 Test B Maths Reasoning

Answer Booklet

Holiday Homework

History topic homework

Next term our topic will be Ancient Greece. To kick start our topic off, we would like you to research and present information about the Greek Gods.

You can present this in a variety of ways:

  • Posters
  • Fact webs
  • PowerPoints
  • Information texts
  • Reports

In addition, you are required to learn the meaning and spelling of the following words:


Key Instant Recall Facts

6-1 Changes December 18

Y5/6 Disco 2018

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 6 had an amazing time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park finding out about animal adaptations. In this photograph we discovered how a bearded dragon has adapted to its environment.

We felt brave holding a hissing cockroach! We learnt that it hisses to scare its predators.

SATs books letter, Nov 18

Sats meeting Dec 2018

Holiday Homework

1. Choose an animal and research it. Present your findings. Remember to think about:

  • Appearance
  • Behaviour
  • Habitat
  • Adaptations

2. Learn your spellings.

3. Mathletics

Roman Numerals

Arithmetic questions

YWP permission slip 12.11.18

 Summer Holiday Homework

Are we monkeys?

conditions          environment

characteristics          offspring

variation          adapt

extreme          fossils

Palaeontologist          evolution


Task: 1:

Your task is to research the key words above and learn their spellings.

Task 2:

Research one of these significant people and find out why they are famous.

Mary Anning

Alfred Wallace

Charles Darwin


Performance leaver’s assembly letter July 2018

Yorkshire Wartime Experience

To round off our topic on World War 2, we all went down to the Yorkshire Wartime Experience at Hunsworth on Friday 6Th July. The sun was shining so we made sure we had plenty of water with us and suncream on. It was such an amazing day and we got to hold and examine many artefacts such as sirens, uniforms and weaponry. As we arrived, soldiers were there and shouted at us to get into line. If we weren’t quiet or in a straight line then we had to do push ups. We hope the teachers don’t get those ideas back at school! Lucy and Nathan got to turn the siren to see how loud they could make it. Of course, being highly competitive, Mrs Smith had to have a go. She put all of her energy into it and made it so loud that we had to cover our ears! Even though we have been studying WWII, there were items and information from WWI and modern wars. We got to see what life was like in the WWI trenches and how the men had to survive while the rain poured and they were constantly under fire. The tanks and military vehicles were amazing and we even got to get a ride in some. At lunch time, we ate our packed lunches while listening to 1940’s singers and entertainers. They were super. We all joined in and began to dance to the music. Overall it was a fantastic trip and Mrs Smith even treated us to an ice cream so we could cool off.

Over the weekend, the event continued and they had a fly over from a Lancaster Bomber – many of us saw this as it did its fly over – spectacular!

Check out some of our photos.


6.3 Visit the PLC

It was a very sad visit today, as Clare, who has been running the PLC visits is retiring and moving away. She has been involved with Wibsey for over 10 years. The staff and the children will dearly miss her enthusiasm and guidance that she has given us. We surpised her with some lovely flowers as a big thank you for helping to make us responsible citizens. Here are some of the children’s evaluations from our visit and a photo of our VIPs/ prize winners and of Clare with the flowers.

EW”I enjoyed everything and it’s made me feel more confident to go to BBEC”, XW”I liked everything”, LB”This session was inspirational for the future”, LI”The lesson was really helpful and fun”, KS”I have been coming here a lot and you have inspired me to be whatever I want”, KA “I enjoyed this experience because it took some of my nerves away”, CH “I really liked the lesson and it was fun” and finally MA “I enjoyed it because I thought the activities were fun”.

A final big thank you to Clare – Thank you from all of us at Wibsey and good luck in your next adventure.

Year 6 Greek Banquet

To end our Greek topic and to celebrate the progress we have made in Year 6 so far, we had a Greek banquet. We have been looking at Ancient and modern Greek food and were intrigued to see if we like it. We made Greek butter biscuits and moussaka and had other foods to try: olives, hummus, pitta bread, cucumbers, yoghurt and honey. We weren’t keen on the olives but the butter biscuits, yoghurt and honey were a hit! We invited the governors, made olive leaf headbands and tried Greek dancing, which somehow ended in doing the floss dance – as it always does at the moment!

Afterwards, the parents were invited in to look at all of the amazing work that we have done, from writing to artwork.


Easter Holiday Homework

Easter packs have been provided for all children in Year 6. They are to complete as much as they can throughout the holidays so they keep their knowledge refreshed and ready for the Summer term. If work is completed, then the revision guides can also be worked upon. Some children will be joining us for the booster sessions.

Thank you to all parents for you continued support in this time leading up to SATs.

Letter re greek Banquet, March 2018

Holiday Homework

Here are some examples of our holiday homework

Homework – 22nd February 2018

Due in Tuesday 27th February

Maths Homework

  • Set 1 – SAT Buster (Number, Ratio and Algebra) pages 35 to 38

10-Minute Set A:Test  1

  • Set 2a/2b – SAT Buster (Number, Ratio and Algebra) page 11

10-Minute Set A:Test  1

English Homework

Spelling dictation

List A

According to ancient texts, the Spartan army were aggressive in their attempts to achieve world domination. It is apparent that they managed to occupy towns with as few as forty soldiers. Training would occur regularly and sons would often accompany their father into battle.

List B

There was an awkward incident in the cemetery last night, when a member of the local community somehow became attached to a larger than average gravestone. After making a bargain with the ghost in charge, he escaped with only a bruise. The ghost, who had been a food critic when he was alive, is now available to give advice, but only in the catering category.

Reading SATs Buster 10 minute Test Set A: Test 4

SPAG SATs Buster 10 minute Test Set A: Test 4

Year 6 PLC visit

6.3 visited the Positive Life Centre (PLC) this week. We always get a tour of Bradford City’s football ground and each year we cheer loudly, “Come on City!” hoping the Chairman of the club can hear us. We must have been very loud because the Chairman came out to meet us! In 12 years of the PLC, this has never happened, so we are over the moon that Wibsey has been the first. The children were amazed by him and they even got to ask him questions. In true Wibsey style, they grilled him about his plans for City and which players he will be buying next. He was so impressed by us that a professional photographer took some photos of us with him and they will be published in the club’s magazine! Of course Mrs Smith requested some too so we could show off in school!

Afterwards, we took part in a workshop about citizenship and what this means for us. We did some role-playing of different challenging scenarios and what we would do to make our world a better place. We worked really hard and gave some very mature responses. Some of us came away with the VIP award and team effort awards!

Spring Term 1 Curriculum Overview

Holiday Homework

History topic homework

Next term our topic will be Ancient Greece. To kick start our topic off, we would like you to research and present information about the Greek Gods.

You can present this in a variety of ways:


Fact webs,

Power points,

Information texts,



In addition, you are required to learn the meaning and spelling of the following words:
















Key Instant Recall Facts

Year 6 BLP Reasoning Afternoon

BLP muscles used:

Collaboration 10 (checking the team’s progress).

Capitalising 5 (creating own resources to solve a problem)

Questioning 5 (to reason with evidence, arguments and actions)


We had a Maths / BLP reasoning afternoon, where we had to solve complex BIDMAS problems. Not only did we have to remember what BIDMAS was but also how to solve this in a variety of ways. Using concrete objects, we have to show the maths calculations clearly. This was difficult as everyone had different ideas, but we compromised and ensured that we worked together to ensure we were successful. After, we had to use our knowledge of the steps to success pictorially. We had to discuss exactly how to do this: for example, for the calculation 2 x 3 we drew three lots of 2 sweets. But after we sat back and evaluated our work, we discovered that we hadn’t actually answered the question. Although the answer was correct, we had actually solved 3 x 2 and not 2 x 3. So we changed it to 2 lots of three sweets to actually represent the problem. With Mrs Smith, we discussed this and how this could confuse younger learners and cause misconceptions in knowledge and skills. The written methods were the easiest as we do these all of the time; we just needed to remember the BIDMAS rule. It was a great afternoon and we discovered that we must always remember the basic math rules and be careful with seemingly easy questions, in order to be successful in more complicated problems.


Yorkshire Wildlife Park trip

As part of our Science topic – adaptations, we had a school visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The sun shone all day and we had a fantastic time observing and learning about all of the animals. The baboons were extremely amusing as the infants chased each other around play fighting and playing hide and seek from each other. We reflected on our work about evolution and could definitely make connections between us and them, in fact we share 96% of our genes with them!

While we were there, we had an educational workshop all about adaptations. We even got to hold and stroke different animals while we studied them first hand and observed their unique adaptations. The three animals we held were a hissing cockroach, which hisses to scare away predators, a giant African snail, that seals itself in its shell whenever water is scarce and finally a blue tongued lizard. These lizards have camouflaging colours on their skin and are able to loose their tails and grow them back. Even stranger, their tails still move for a few minutes after detaching, keeping the predators busy while the lizard escapes – yuk!

Through the day, we got to see animals that we would never normally be able to look at and study, such as the polar bears and tigers. We discussed whether we believe zoos are a good or bad thing and had mature debates about keeping animals in enclosures, conservation and education. We didn’t come to a decision but we were able to see advantages and disadvantages for them.

Here are a few photographs from our day!

Art work by Year 6 – The Great Wave – featuring Mount Fuji


Year 6 October Holiday Homework

Next half term, we will be looking more in-depth at adaptation (how animals and plants change over time to survive in their environment) and transferring this into our English work. To start the term productively, we would like you to research an animal of your choice (this could be the same animal as you wrote about in Science last week) to find out about its appearance, habitat, offspring, diet, adaptations, status (under threat/endangered), and any other interesting facts. Present this information as a fact web and be prepared to share it with the class.

This is also a reading journal activity – so don’t forget to date it in your journal!

Welcome back to Year 6. 

We hope that everyone had a relaxing holiday and are back ready for the challenges of year 6. We were really pleased to see all the amazing homework that was done over the summer holidays. Below are some images of the homework displayed in classrooms.

Our curriculum this term is based around the text Kenzuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We are already one chapter in and hooked! In English we will be focusing most of our reading and writing around the book. In Geography we are looking at maps and how to locate and navigate, while in Computing we will be adding to this and looking at electronic navigation apps and GPS.  In Science, we are focusing on classifying and adaptations of animals and how they have evolved to live in different places around the world. During maths lessons we are focusing on number and place value with numbers up to tens of millions. During Art we will be looking at fossils and how we sketch them to record and create patterns.

PE days : 

6.1: Thursday

6.2: Monday

6.3: Thursday

There may be extra PE session on some Tuesday afternoons – the teachers will inform the children the week before their slot.

We are focusing a lot on reading in year 6 and would appreciate it if you could support your children in reading for pleasure and completing the reading journal activities on a regular basis.

Homework will be sent home every week and must be completed and returned on time. We are preparing the children for high school and the pressures they will face there regarding school and homework.

Thank you for all you support and we look forward to sharing our learning with you throughout the year.

The Year 6 teachers.

Mrs Uppal, Mrs Scott and Mrs Smith.