Curriculum Subjects

Through the delivery of our Wibsey Cumulative Curriculum we aim to instil in our children a thirst for knowledge and to develop our children into the scientists, geographers, historians, musicians, artists and designers of the future. Our curriculum has been carefully thought out; it is ambitious and meets the needs of our children.

At Wibsey Primary School we understand our school context and the benefits and issues this creates for the children in our care. Careful analysis of our pupils’ backgrounds, life experiences and culture has helped us design a curriculum which celebrates their strengths whilst helping them overcome the potential barriers to learning. Language acquisition on entry is a barrier to learning, as is the limited life experiences many of our children have: the percentage of pupils with EAL is above average, as is the percentage of those taking FSM (ISDR). By providing an engaging curriculum with embedded core learning experiences and focussing on vocabulary development, our children will be ready to successfully meet the challenges of the next stage of their education and lives.

Through our curriculum we build in many opportunities for children to repeat and practice in order to develop essential knowledge, skills and understanding in every subject. Our definition of learning is remembering more in the long term and we design, organise and plan our curriculum and teaching to ensure that children are not merely covering national curriculum content, but achieving a depth to their learning which enables them to use their knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum; thereby aiding retention.

We have designed and planned our curriculum to offer a range of experiences which contribute to every child receiving a full, rich and broad curriculum. We do not narrow the curriculum because we believe every child is entitled to experience the full range of the curriculum. We design and organise our timetable to ensure that every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development which means that in practice our curriculum places equal importance on core and foundation subjects.

Skilled subject leaders have designed progressive curriculum maps which ensure that they gain the key knowledge and skills in every subject. We believe or children should know about, and be proud of, their local area in order and where possible our curriculum includes study of Bradford: it’s geography, history and the achievements of local scientists, artists and designers.

Subject leaders are integral to the planning process and understand the pathway that their subjects take across the school. Their role is to ensure that all children at Wibsey are receiving their curriculum entitlement and they play an important part in the success of the curriculum by leading a regular programme of monitoring, evaluation and review. They are given time for their role and have opportunity to join appropriate professional bodies to support their subject knowledge. Their work is monitored by the Senior leadership Team and Governors to ensure joint vision and equitable delivery. Progression of knowledge and skills is carefully mapped across Key Stages.

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The Learning Challenge Curriculum

At Wibsey Primary School we approach our curriculum through the ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’. At the heart of this approach is the principle of greater learner involvement which results in a more meaningful curriculum and in turn promotes high standards. The Learning Challenge Curriculum encourages an enquiry based approach to learning which engages learners through promoting curiosity. When designing a unit of thematic learning, teachers and learners use a prime learning challenge, expressed as a question, as the starting point. Using the information gained from pre-learning tasks and the school’s context a series of subsidiary challenges are then planned with each subsidiary learning challenge expressed as a question. The application of basic skills is embedded within the curriculum.
Building learning power is interwoven through the life of our school – more information about how we reflect, are resilient, are resourceful and practice reciprocity are available on the BLP section of the website.