At Wibsey Primary School, all children begin the process of learning cursive handwriting from Foundation Stage. This starts with developing motor skills and learning basic letter formations, before progressing to pre-cursive writing in Year 1 and developing full, joined cursive thereafter. We believe this raises standards in handwriting throughout the whole school, developing confidence, accuracy, fluency, writing stamina and presentation. The continuous cursive style presents a fluid style that is easy to learn, neat, legible and fast. We believe the skill of handwriting needs to be taught as it not a natural skill that will grow and develop like speaking or walking. Please find below a range of online resources to help your child at home with their handwriting.


This website demonstrates how to form the continuous cursive style



This website allows your child to practice the letter formation on any mobile or other touch screen device.



The Wibsey Progression in Skills for Handwriting Appendices

Handwriting Policy 2018