Year 5

Year 5 Summer Holiday Homework

You are being given two pieces of homework, a Maths revision pack and a project based around our new topic . Do as much as you can, but remember it is your holiday time too. Be ready to share when we get back to school in September.

Our Geography topic in September is Natural Resources. We will be focusing on the fossil fuel coal. Research about this topic and present your findings in any way that you would like e.g. 3D model, drawings, posters, writing, poem …

We look forward to seeing what you can do!

Key Vocabulary


Year 5 have just come back from Robinwood.

What an amazing three days we have had. The weather wasn’t the best, however we only had a few hours of drizzle. We wrapped up warm and had the time of our lives. here are a few of our images.  We will add more once we have uploaded them.

Thank you to all the staff for giving up their time and supervising the children for this wonderful experience. Also a big thank you to the parents for ensuring they had everything they needed and for getting them to the station on time. Last of all, thank you to the children for their astounding behaviour and representing the school proudly.


Holiday homework – Due Wednesday 1st May 2019.

Topic Project


Research the Egyptians

Our history topic next term will be the Ancient Egyptians. We would like you to research the Egyptians, in particular the pyramids and find out all that you can about their culture and beliefs. You can present your findings in any way that you wish. Be creative and be prepared to WOW us!

You could:

  • Create a PowerPoint

  • Design a poster

  • Make a model

  • Write a report

  • Brainstorm

  • Paintings

  • Make a 3D net of a pyramid


Please look at these words and find out the meanings of any of the words that are unfamiliar. They will help you in your learning next term.



















Year 5 visited the Prayer Space

The Salvation Army came in to visit with us and do various activities around Christian’s belief of Easter. We discussed significant people in our own lives and linked this to how Christian’s think of Jesus. We had a fantastic time and got opportunities to discuss our own beliefs and what people from other religions and those with wider world views believe. Look at our activities.


BLP Afternoon – Jane Goodall

Thank you to the parents who could attend the BLP afternoon and join in with the children’s learning. We did a variety of activities including using the Virtual reality Headsets to plunge ourselves into the jungle and look at the chimps and how they are cared for by conservation projects. We also did drawing activities and research opportunities. A fantastic afternoon was had by all.  We used a variety of muscles, including imagining – looking at situations from other people’s views, distilling – identifying the key information, noticing – finding similarities and differences and Perseverance – putting in the effort even when tasks are challenging.

Endangered Animals research

Fact Sheets

Go Wild – WWF Website


To finish off our measurement of capacity unit in maths, we took part in practical activities involving real life skills.

We used our conversion between litres and millilitres to create a fruit cocktail. We had to measure accurately using a variety of measuring equipment with different scales.



Our other activity was to estimate the capacity of different containers and then measure them to see how accurate we were.

Brilliant Biome Holiday

The children in Year 5 have done some amazing homework across the half term. Have a look!


Holiday homework – Due Wednesday 27th February 2019.

Topic Project:

What is a biome?

Choose one biome to answer the question.

Answer this question however you wish;

  • Create a PowerPoint
  • Design a poster
  • Make a model
  • Present your findings any way you would like.


Use the information sheets attached to help you.


Please look at the attached sheet carefully and discuss what the words mean and how they are spelt.

Vicious Viking Shields

Year 5 have been making Viking shields in DT this half term.

We made mood boards of the different Viking shields and then designed and created our own shields. We are very happy with them, what do you think?

Year 5 Gurdwara Visit.

As part of our RE curriculum, we have been learning about the Sikh faith. We visited the Gurdwara in Bradford and got to ask many questions about the faith. It was a fantastic trip and we learned a lot of new facts.  We all had to cover our heads and Sikhs believe that it is a privilege to cover our heads and that everyone is equal (throughout history, only the rich would be allowed to cover their heads. For instance kings and queens).


Fire Safety Talk by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

The West Yorkshire Fire Service have been in school today teaching Year 5 about Fire Safety. As part of our WSFL curriculum, we are looking at what safety procedures we have in school, how this helps us keep safe and what we can do at home too. The firefighters gave all the children a leaflet that enables all parents to arrange a fire safety advice visit and free fitting of smoke alarms. The advice we received could potentially save our lives and is essential in making us more aware of our surroundings.


Year 5 Holiday Homework

Due Thursday 3rd January 2019

Vocabulary/Spellings to learn:

thatched rooflongshipwarriorfreeman


Complete the activities set for you online. If you have no access to a computer/tablet/phone, please see you class teacher for printed version.

Were the Vikings victorious?

Over the holidays, we would like you to research who the Vikings were, what they did and why they are important in British history. You can present your findings in a variety of ways. (e.g posters, PowerPoint, models, poems, letters etc). We have attached an information sheet and questions to help you with this.

Y5,6 Disco 2018

Wind Turbines

As part of our Geography topic – Natural Resources – we have been making our very own wind turbines out of plastic milk bottles. We have been looking at ‘greener’ alternatives to fossil fuels and understanding how these work and can help the planet. We have a responsibility to our planet and must find better ways to create electricity and to preserve the ozone layer. Wind turbines work by catching the wind in their blades, this then turns the rotar and the shaft and transfers energy into the gearbox and the generator. This can then be distributed to homes and businesses. Our wind turbines didn’t create electricity but they did wind string up, which is the same movement that the real turbines have. Did you know that lots of wind turbines together is called a wind farm?

Fantastic Holiday Homework

Year 5 have created some amazing homework during the holidays on our topic Space. Have a look at a few of our pieces!

Holiday Homework

Vocabulary/Spellings to learn:



Complete the activities set for you online (if you have no access to a computer/tablet/phone, please see your class teacher for a printed version)

Space – Are we alone?

Over the holidays, we would like you to research space, famous scientists, planets, day/night or the Moon. You can present your findings in a variety of ways. (e.g. posters, PowerPoint presentation, models, fact books, poems, letters ect)

Year 5 head down t’pit!

We had a fantastic time down t’pit at the National Coal Mining Museum.

Our journey started with a slight delay on the M606 due to some cheeky cows, who decided that the grass on the central reservation was far superior that that in the field! An amusing start to our day.

We soon arrived at the museum and divided into two groups so that we could go to our workshop on how times have changed for the families of miners and to do our underground tour with an actual miner. We couldn’t believe just how dark and cold it was down Hope Pit. Did you know that it is 140m deep which is the same as the Blackpool tower is tall? We learned lots of new things about the terrible conditions that the miners worked in and how technology has helped make it a safer environment – still not sure we’d like to do it though! We had a play at the new playground and even got to take some coal home. Mrs Smith thought we behaved so amazingly that she bought us all a Mini Milk ice cream for the journey home.


Have a look at few of our photos.

Welcome to Year 5!

We have had a very productive and fun start to school year. Now that the children are in Upper Keystage 2, the curriculum objectives and learning has increased to prepare them for the challenges they will face in Year 6 and high school. The teachers will be available on parent consultation night if you have any concerns, alternatively  make an appointment with the school office to see us one day after school. It will be an exciting year with some spectacular topics such as Space, Egyptians and Vikings.

Year 5 Autumn Curriculum

English – Diary, letter, persuasion writing techniques

Reading – variety of text types focusing on retrieval skills

Maths – Place value and four operations

Science – Forces

Geography – Natural resources and their impact on people

Computing – Creating art digitally

Art – Sketching techniques

WSFL – roles and responsibilities, healthy lifestyle choices

RE – symbols

PE days

5.1’s  PE is on Monday

5.2’s  PE is on Friday

5.3’s PE is on Monday

​Swimming for the whole year group is on Thursdays.

If the children are unable to go swimming then a letter is required and given to the class teacher/Miss Clayton.

The homework received was spectacular and we hope that it will only get better and better throughout the year. Have a look at a few of our pieces!

Summer Holiday homework

Take part in the extreme reading challenge.  Read a book in a whacky location and take a photograph.

Our Geography topic in September is Natural Resources. We will be focusing on the fossil fuel coal. Research about this topic and present your findings in any way that you would like e.g. 3D model, drawings, posters, writing, poem …

Do as much as you can, but remember it is your holiday time too. Be ready to share when we get back to school in September.

We look forward to seeing what you can do!

Fantastic homework!

WOW! Eloise chose to make a river cake for her topic homework this week and brought it in for us all to share. It was delicious! She explained to the class how she made the cake and what she used to decorate it – fantastic effort Eloise! Keep it up!

Residential trip to Robinwood

Last week, Year 5 went to Robinwood and had the most amazing time.

We travelled by train to Todmorden on Monday morning and hiked up the hill – it was hard work! Once there we ate, dropped our bags off in our dormitories and packed our kit bags ready for the activities to begin. Our groups were Mountain,Crag, Ridge, Forest and Wood. Each group had a Robinwood instructor and two members of staff. We all have our favourite activity and although some of them were scary, we persevered and dug deep to overcome our fears. Everyone tried their best and had the greatest time. In team challenge we competed against the teachers, who were very competitive, they still lost though. We would recommend Robinwood to all the children as it was the best ever! Have a look at our photos to see what we got up to.

A final big thank you to all the staff that came and supported us. Without them, we could never go on a trip like this. They enjoyed the activities almost as much as us. They were laughing, giggling and screaming on the activities along side us!

Year 5 Transition evening, 19 June 2018

Egyptian Bazaar

We had a bank, where children could collect their grain that they had earned from their holiday homework, a jewellery stall, a project stall, a pyramid stall and a tourist attraction stall, where children could book to visit the Pyramids on a day trip or go on a boat experience down the River Nile. We had a brilliant time celebrating and sharing the children’s fantastic homework. Well done! We look forward to seeing the homework creations for our new topic – Rivers.
Thank you, Miss Leggett, Mr Ahmed and Mr Emmett (5.1)

More Egyptian Food!

Wow! Well done again to children 5.1 for bringing in more of their homework creations! This afternoon, we have had another tasting session of a range of Egyptian breads and dips. Well done to Jyana, Eloise, Kayla and Leona, your homework breads were thoroughly enjoyed – Mr Cooper enjoyed his pieces too!


Egyptian Homework Menu

5.1 Egyptian Food

Here are some of this week’s homework menu creations. Harvey made some flatbread that was sprinkled with paprika. Reece made some Egyptian style bread. Bethany made Egyptian flatbread with a beetroot based dip. On Monday afternoon, we tasted the different homemade bread and dip – they all went down a treat!
Thank you for your support at home. Keep up the hard work and we look forward to seeing more of your fabulous homework creations!
Miss Leggett, Mr Emmett and Mr Ahmed (5.1)

Holiday Homework – Due Monday 16th April 2018

Topic Project

Egyptians/The pyramids/Tutankhamun

Research the Egyptians

Show your research in any creative way you would like. Remember, the best ones will be going up on display and last half term 3 children got Head Teacher’s award for their amazing efforts!

  • Create a PowerPoint
  • Design a poster
  • Make a model
  • Present your findings any way you would like

Maths – Complete the Mathletics task sheet OR complete a task online to achieve a certificate.

English – Complete Egyptian reading comprehension.

Spellings – Write a sentence for each of these words:

  • Disastrous
  • Embarrass
  • Enviroment
  • Equip
  • Equipped
  • Equipment
  • Especially
  • Exaggerate
  • Excellent
  • Existence

Reading journals – Complete at least one task during the holidays.

KIRFs – Make sure you are practicing your KIRFs.


Reading Comprehension

Amazing Homework

Here are some of our fantastic holiday homework projects


Holiday Homework

Due Wednesday 21st February 2018

Topic Project:

What is a biome?

Choose one biome to answer the question.

Answer this question however you wish.

  • Create a PowerPoint
  • Design a poster
  • Make a model
  • Present your findings any way you would like.

Maths – Complete the ‘Ultimate Times Table Challenge’

English – Complete reading comprehension ‘Listen to the Moon’ by Michael Morpurgo

Spellings – Write a sentence for each of these words:

  • awkward
  • cemetery
  • community
  • attached
  • average
  • bargain
  • bruise
  • critic
  • category

Mathletics – Don’t forget to keep going on.

Reading journals – Complete at least one task during the holidays.

KIRFs – Make sure you are practicing your KIRFs.

5.1’s Egg Landers!

This half term we have been learning about forces in science and in DT we have been designing an egg lander for ‘Tim Peake the egg.’ Our aim was to land him safely with no damage (no cracks or broken eggs). We used our knowledge of gravity and air resistance to design egg landers which we thought would land him safely, however, we did not have many Tim Peake survivors! We tested our egg landers in the playground and Tim Peake the egg unfortunately received a lot of injuries because of his crash landings, however, well done to Mr Ahmed & Rhys, Ellie & Tyler and Bethany & Evie for landing Tim Peake safely with no damage! Here are some pictures of our egg landers in action.

Holiday Homework

Please encourage your child to attempt and complete what they can during the festive period. For example your child may choose to complete one clue from ‘The Mystery of The Place Value Shopping Scam Sham’ along with spellings and the reading comprehension.

Christmas Holiday Homework – due Wednesday 3rd January 2017

Topic Project:

How important were rainbows to the Vikings?

Answer this question however you wish.

  • Create a PowerPoint
  • Design a poster
  • Make a model
  • Present your findings any way you would like


Maths – Complete ‘The Mystery of The Place Value Shopping Scam Sham’


English – Complete Vikings comprehension


Spellings – Complete spelling work


Mathletics – Don’t forget to keep going on it


Reading journals – Complete at least one task during the holidays


KIRFs – Remember to be working on these over the holidays

5-1’s Amazing Homework Projects

WOW! Myself, Mr Emmett and Mr Ahmed have been blown away with the amount of time and effort that the children have been putting into their topic homework projects! Our topic this half term has been based on Natural resources. At the beginning of the half the children were given a homework menu to choose tasks to complete each week. It is amazing to see the children engaging with their learning at home in this way. Keep up the brilliant work.


Here are some of the fantastic pieces of homeworks!

Ryan made a recycle truck to encourage people to recycle more.

Bethany made a recycling bin out of recycled materials and included examples of all materials which can be recycled.

Tommy made a Christmas themed windmill with his Grandad. “I am a wind mill, I use wind to make me turn. I can pump water from a field. I can grind grains to make flour. When the wind blows and the windmill turns, Santa will wave his hand. My energy is free and completely renewable.”

Ben made a model to show how coal is used as a natural resource.

Well done, keep up the hard work! Next half term we will be focussing on Vikings, so get your thinking caps on – what WOW homework can you complete over the holidays?

Holiday Homework


5.1’s visit to the PLC

Leona “I liked this lesson it was fun, I really want to come again”

Ayaan “I think it was good because we did different activities”

Tommy “this lesson was really fun when we went into the changing rooms and stadium”

Ben “I’ve liked this morning as we have learnt about being healthy in a fun and active way”

Tyler “I liked everything”

Lillia-Grace “it was excellent and fabulous”

Harvey “it was a fun and enjoyable morning”

Jyana “The lesson was good”

Emily “I really enjoyed this trip it was fun”

Cole “I enjoyed all the activities”


Amazing Homework

In 5.1 this week Ayaan completed a very ‘yummy’ extra piece of homework! WOW! A very big well done – they are amazing!! It is great to see children so engaged and enthusiastic about their learning and wanting to go that extra mile!

RE Afternoon

This week in Year 5 we have had our RE afternoon where we focussed on our learning question this half term, ‘Why are there different beliefs about God?’ We made links to Monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Sikhism and Islam and compared these with the beliefs of God in Buddhism. We also discussed people’s beliefs as part of the worldview, Humanism and developed our understanding of sacrifice, hope and peace. Here is some of our work from the afternoon.

Class 5.1

In Year 5 we have been learning about what our school used to be like. Last week, we compared our school to Victorian schools and this week we actually experienced part of the Victorian school day. We started our lesson by doing a basic drill and copying Miss Leggett and Mr Emmett, whilst counting 1, 2, 3, 4 at the same time. After that, we copied the school rules on our ‘writing slates.’ Some of us struggled with this, because we found out that in Victorian schools, EVERYONE had to write with their right hand! We could not believe this! During our short Victorian style lesson, we had to call our teachers Sir and Ma’am, stand up when an adult entered the room and stand up if we wanted to speak, but we could not ask questions – we could not believe this! How did the Victorian children ask for help if they were struggling with their learning?! After our short Victorian style lesson, we had a debate to justify why school today is better than Victorian schooling. The children enjoyed this task because they were able to direct their enthusiasm, engagement and attitude in an appropriate way. It was great to see the children deeply engaged with the debate and keen to make links with their learning from last week! The conclusion of our debate was that all of the children agreed that they much prefer school now, in comparison to the Victorian schooling. Here are just a few reasons for why:
  • we have fair teachers who want to help us do well
  • we have fun lessons, where we get to discover new things for ourselves rather than just copying
  • we are accepted and respected for who we are
  • we get to work collaboratively to help each other
  • we have opportunities to use a range of resources to help us learn
  • we have opportunities to engage with a variety of subjects

Year 5 spellings w/e 21/09/2017

Homophones and other often confused words.





















Class 5.1 Handwriter of the week

Congratulations to Kayla in 5.1 for winning handwriter of the week in her first week in Year 5. Kayla works hard to make sure that her handwriting and presentation is maintained across all of her work in the curriculum. Kayla sets a fantastic example of taking pride in her work and her books have been used to show children ‘what a good one looks like.’ Well done Kayla! On Monday, Kayla enjoyed finishing her work in our lovely reading corner. Keep up the amazing presentation!

Year 5 homework

Year 5’s amazing homework projects based on our ‘Are We Alone?’ Science topic.

Year 5 Autumn 1 homework menu