Year 1

Anti-Bullying Week

Year 1 are taking part in Anti-Bullying week. During this week Year 1 will be:

  • Designing our own poster for the Anti-Bullying picket walk
  • Designing our own odd socks
  • Making a recipe for how to be a good friend
  • Discussing together how we can be a good friend

Art Week

Year 1 really enjoyed taking part in Art Week!

Holiday Homework Challenge May 2019

Your challenge is to create a hot or cold climate box or diorama.

Will you choose a hot climate? It could include:

Jungle animals, desert, palm trees, sand dunes etc.


Will you choose a cold climate? It could include:

Polar bears, penguins, ice bergs, seals ect.

For example:

You will need:

  • A small box, e.g. a shoe or cereal box.
  • Paint and different coloured paper for your animals and plants.
  • Stones, sequins, gems, buttons and anything interesting you can finds.

Have a look on Youtube if you need some ideas.

Enjoy making your very own climate box.

Happy Holidays!

Toys Visit

We had lots of fun looking at toys from the past. We used our BLP listening muscle to find out about the toys and our questioning muscle to ask questions about the toys. We also used our noticing muscle to see what materials the toys were made out of.

Christmas letter Y1 and Y2, Dec 2018

Year One Holiday Homework October 2018


Your Holiday Homework is to make your own animal mask.

You could use bits of material, cereal boxes, scraps of ribbons, newspaper,

or anything else that takes your fancy.


Choose an animal you might see in Autumn:

Can you use your BLP noticing muscle to spot the different patterns

in your design?


Have Fun!


 We would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all Year One children and parents for making a fantastic start to our new school year. The children have quickly adjusted to being in Year One, and are arriving at school each morning with big smiles, and an eagerness to learn.

We have been amazed by your wonderful holiday homework. Here are a few examples:

This half term our big question is: Are your bones fit or funny?

Our topic is based around Funnybones and Oliver’s Vegetables.

We will be focussing on writing simple sentences with finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end of the sentence.

We are also working hard on number formation and number recognition to 20.

Other areas of learning:

Science: Naming and labelling parts of our bodies. Our senses.

Art: self-portraits. Fruit printing

DT: Making a fruit lolly

RE: Finding out about the different faiths and worldviews of people who live in Bradford.

PE: Throwing and Catching, Gymnastics.

Music: Copying simple rhythms and learning songs.

We continue to use or BLP muscles and make links to WSFL in all our lessons.

We hope that you like our new approach to homework – we are looking forward to handing out lots of certificates at half term.

Calling all new Year One children!

Your holiday homework challenge is to make a lovely skeleton picture.

Have fun and enjoy the holidays.

See you in September.Y1 Holiday homework July 2018

Welcome back to our Summer Term 2

A BIG THANK YOU to all the children who designed and made their Climate boxes.

They are Fantastic!



Our learning topic this half term  ‘Why can’t meerkats live at the North Pole?’ includes:

Geography: Locating hot and cold countries.

Science – Identifying animals that live in the desert and the North and South Pole.

Art – Kandinsky warm and old colour painting

RE/PSHCE –Fit for Life/ What is special to Faith communities?

DT – Making African instruments

PE – Gymnastics: simple sequence: travel, roll and balance.

ICT – 2create a story

Our BLP AFTERNOON (linked with History week- Live Aid): Children to showcase song and instruments made.

BLP muscles they have used: Listening & empathy, Perseverance, Collaboration, Imitation

Amazing Holiday Homework

A huge thank you for your work on wild animals.



Term 5

After Easter we will be starting our exciting new topic about wild animals.

Your holiday homework is to research a wild animal.

March 2018 holiday homework

This half term we will have fun learning all about fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals:

  • identifying and labelling animals
  • sorting and classifying animals
  • drawing giraffes using different media

English: We will continue to work on improving our phonics and sentence writing through exploring Giraffes can’t Dance.

Maths:  we will be investigating measures and learning about time.

Watch out for our BLP challenge afternoon using our perseverance muscle- we are going to make giraffe sock puppets!

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Year 1 Team

A huge thank you to our year 1 children for their lovely holiday homework.

We were delighted to see all the amazing flower creations and labelling.

We really appreciate your hard work and great effort.


February: TERM 4

Our Topic next term is:

How does your garden grow?

As an awesome start to our learning we would like you to create and label a plant.

Holiday homework Feb half term 2018 plants

This half term we will have fun exploring and  learning  about plants and trees:

We will be labelling plants and growing beans through our science activities.

Artwork is through Vincent Van Gogh and his painting of the sunflowers.

English: We will continue to work on improving our phonics and sentence writing through exploring Jaspers Beanstalk.

Maths:  we will be working with numbers up to 30:

addition and subtraction calculations and word problems.

Watch out for our BLP challenge afternoon using our perseverance muscle- we are going to create a magical garden!

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Year 1 team




Our Mosque Visit

Written by Annice:

On Tuesday I went to see the mosque outside I saw a minaret. First I looked at the minaret it was so tall. Next inside I put my shoes in the shoes rack. Then I went into the wudhu. After that I went into a ginormous room. Finally I saw the Qur’an. If you put the Qur’an on the floor you get bad luck.

Written by Gracie:

On Tuesday I went to the mosque. First I went to put my shoes in the shoe rack. After that I went into the wash room and we sang a song. Next I went into a big room. I was nervous! Then I saw a prayer mat and the Qur’an. Did you know I saw an amam!

Written by Eeisa:

On Tuesday I went to the mosque. I saw a dome and a minaret outside. Inside I saw an amam praying. Next I went upstairs to the wudhu room I saw taps and grey walls. Finally I saw a Kaaba and a picture on the wall with Allah’s name on it.




On Wednesday 17th January we had an assembly about being safe in cars.

Road Safety    WSFL

When crossing the road us the Green Cross Code.

   Hold hands





Why is it important to wear a seat belt?

  • To keep us safe.
  • To stop us falling out of a car.

Stop and think before taking off your seat belt.  

  • Wait for the engine to turn off.
  • Get out of the car at the foot path side.

The law says:

Always wear your seat  belt!

Make sure you have a car seat If you are smaller than 135cms.

Make sure your head is protected on your booster seat. Make sure your seat belt sits on your bony  parts of your shoulder and hip.






Welcome back to our Spring Term 1

A BIG THANK YOU to all the children who designed and made their Puppets.

They are Fantastic!

Our learning topic this half term  ‘What toys are for us?’ includes:

History – Parents’ and grandparents’ toys

Science – Everyday Materials – their properties

Art – We are painters.

RE/PSHCE –Fit for Life/ What is special to Faith communities?
Visit: Local church / mosque

DT – Making moving toy.

PE – Magic Toys Dance.

Please continue to support your child at home with reading, key words and spelling.

Thank you for your support.

Holiday Homework

Our Topic next term is all about toys.

As an awesome start to our learning we would like you to create your very own puppet.

Holiday Homework.Dec 2017

Have a very safe and happy holiday.

Looking forward to seeing you and your puppets on Tuesday 2nd January 2018

 Year 1 Nativity

Well done for an amazing nativity. You were all super stars!

 Year 1 BLP Reasoning Morning


BLP muscles used:

Collaboration  1(taking turns) 4 (sharing ideas)

Noticing 1 (searching for key information) 4 (asking questions)


We had a Maths / BLP reasoning morning where we had to solve a problem in a team.

We had to solve this in a variety of ways.

Our challenge question was:

Mr Cooper says 4+2=7

Mrs Brassington says he is wrong.

Who is correct?

First we used counters to show the addition calculations clearly.

After we showed the addition calculations through bar modelling.

We discovered that Mr Cooper was incorrect and explained this by using our reasoning mats.

Finally we were able to prove it by showing the calculation on a numberline and numicon.

It was a great morning.


Amazing Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework October 2017

Our class novel next term is called After the Storm featuring Percy the Park Keeper and his animal friends.

As an exciting  introduction into our learning we would like you to create an Awesome Autumn Animal Mask.

holiday homework Oct half term 2017


Have a safe and happy holiday.

We held a BLP skills afternoon.

Look at us turning a member of our team into a skeleton.

We had such fun.




Our School Prayer space

We have been lucky to host another prayer space in our school.

Dan and Catherine from the Salvation Army came to talk to us about:

Where people pray

What people pray about

How people pray


We ventured into the hub to think, discuss and experience:

What is special about me – the children made a thumb print to show their uniqueness.

Saying sorry – the children wrote or drew an experience they regretted on a whiteboard and then rubbed it out to show that when you are sorry you can have a fresh start.


What could I change to make things better – the children wrote ideas on an Autumn leaf.



The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a place of worship. For all Christians the cross reminds us that Jesus is alive and rose from the dead. The flag at the front of the church represents what the Salvation Army believe.

Yellow – Fire of the Holy Spirit

Blue – God is Holy

Red – Jesus died on the cross

The Salvation Army was started by William and Catherine Booth. 150 years ago you had to pay to sit down in a church and worship. William Booth did not like that. He believed that people should be welcomed into the church without paying.

The Salvation Army started to go out to the streets to tell people all about God.

Road Safety

We know how to cross the road safely.

Hold hands





Always hold a hand with a grown up

At the Puffin crossing

Press the button

Wait for the green man

Check it’s safe to cross

Mrs Little is our lollipop lady. Her job is to stop traffic and make sure it is safe to cross the road.


September 2017: Term 1
Are your bones fit or funny?

This half term we will have fun learning all about ourselves:

where we live
what makes us healthy
our bones
our senses
how magnificent we are.

English: We will continue to work on improving our phonics and sentence writing through exploring the Funnybones stories and characters.

Maths:  we will be working with numbers up to 30:

reading numbers
writing numbers
ordering numbers
matching numbers to amounts
using language more or less
counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
solving simple puzzles.