Wibsey Primary Staff Video to all the children

51 responses to “Wibsey Primary Staff Video to all the children”

  1. Sarah Hussain says:

    Aww bless

  2. Zoe says:

    The video was so emotional to watch with my eldest been in year 6 both my children loved the video

  3. Jade Thorpe says:

    That is so cute. And emotional 😭

  4. Aahil and Amna says:

    OMG i cried ! Kids just shouting out all the teachers names ! Was lovely xxxx

  5. Lisa says:

    What a really lovely video both me & Ella loved it and have happy tears streaming down our faces! She really can not wait to come back to school to see all her friends. Thank you for such a thoughtful video!

  6. Emily crabtree says:

    Hello its Emily c. I think the video was awesome 🙂 I miss you all

  7. Kim says:

    Kids loved seeing all the teachers give them the boost they needed thank you for this 🌈

  8. Jennie says:

    WOW, what a lovely video. We all loved watching this, thank you 😊

  9. Steph Burniston says:

    My girls loved watching this video, they was saying all the teachers names and got super excited when they saw their class teachers.

  10. Lauren Hill says:

    This was so beautiful I Even cried, thank you for putting a smile on me and my boys faces they both miss you all so much too… how lovely xxx.

  11. Macy says:

    The video was so good can’t wait to see you all macy t

  12. Layla turner says:

    Loved the video so much made me smile Layla t

  13. Sonia hussain says:

    Aww so sweet bless..x Girls were so happy to see u all. Lots of love..xx

  14. Samantha Worsley says:

    Hi thank you hope I can see you all very soon stay safe from Cove M

  15. Zayna and Zoha says:

    We miss you too! Love Zayna and Zoha

  16. Layla (4.1) and Cerys (2.2) says:

    We miss you all loads and loved seeing our teachers! Love Layla and Cerys

  17. Master S J J Margerison says:

    I Love The Video, very well produced!!

  18. Hannah S 5-1 says:

    Really nice seeing all the teachers. Excited to get back to school when it’s safe to do so. Take care everyone xx

  19. Leanne says:

    Aww how good is this u have all done. kian and Cody love it

  20. Christina Hammond says:

    What a beautiful and thoughtful thing to do! Cayden and Abbie miss you all! Take care and stay safe xx

  21. Steph caffyn says:

    This is so lovely and such a nice heartwarming thing to do. Thanks to everyone involved it really cheered Olivia up.

  22. Sarah Wright says:

    Oliver-James loved the video! He was shouting with joy every time a teacher came on screen

  23. Angelica Evans says:

    What a fantastic video

  24. Angelica Evans says:

    What a fantastic video, it made the whole family smile & laugh.

  25. Nicola Robertshaw says:

    Lovely video thank you all
    Made us smile

  26. Sonia Kauser says:

    What a brilliant video thank you all, Mohammed moosa and Mohammed really enjoyed it.

  27. Tayaba ali & Ajwa-Fatima says:

    The video was AWESOME. I really enjoyed seeing all the fantastic teachers at my school. Stay safe stay home.

  28. Hania says:

    Hi I love the video missing u n my school.see you soon love hania

  29. Lyndsey says:

    This was absolutely fantastic thank you all xxx

  30. Zakariya Abrar says:

    A fantastic video. Lovely to see all the teachers. We Hope to see everyone soon.
    Zak & Yahya

  31. Ayesha & Hafsah says:

    Loved the video and seeing all the staff – thank you and stay safe 🌈 until we meet again.

  32. Preety says:

    Thank you so much to all my lovely teachers at Wibsey School. I loved seeing you all after such a long time. Thank you for making me smile. Best School in the world!
    Love xx

  33. Katy Fearnley says:

    Thankyou so much that was lovely my boys and myself loved watching it. Stay safe ❤️

  34. Zeshaan Ejaz says:

    We are missing all of our teachers too. Really nice video. Thank you. From Mishel and Emell Z

  35. Afifah says:

    Thank u so much miss shaw I miss u so much from afifah

  36. Yusra says:

    Enjoyed seeing all of my teacher’s. The video was FANTASTIC made me smile. Miss u all 🌈

  37. Faha rehman says:

    Hi its faha I cried imiss you all #say home stay safe.

  38. Muhammad Armaan says:

    Thankyou so much. It was such a lovely video. He was smiling throughout the video as he really loved it. Armaan misses his teachers too ❤️. Stay safe 👍

  39. Isla Softley says:

    I loved watching that. I miss everyone.
    Love Isla S ❤️

  40. Adrian mann says:

    As soon as Kyle saw mr Dunderdale he went crazy Kids loved it can’t wait to be seeing all the kids and teachers again hope your having a great time kids are missing you all

  41. Becky Crossley says:

    Loved this, Logan loved seeing all the teachers too. Stay safe

  42. I loved the video and stay safe everyone!

  43. Janice says:

    What a lovely video,so emotional, Tilly loved seeing all teachers xx

  44. Mrs Sanni says:

    Entertaining and good to see the creativeness. My children and I all love it and Mercury kept repeating the Mrs Moody’s ‘lots and lots and lots of cookies’ 😊 Was emotional with the lovely music and message. Thank you all. Stay safe. Xx

  45. Shazia Razaq says:

    Hi its madiha im sure all year 6s will be very sad becase this is our last year we cant spend it all with you and thank you so much 🙂

  46. Sonia Hussain says:

    Zoya akram 1:1
    Says …
    I miss you all of you, hope you are all safe and have a lovely day.
    Seeing this video has made me very happy. Thank you

  47. Mrs Hirst says:

    Ivy loved the video so much she watches it over and over. It was lovely lovely to see the teachers and yes it made us cry. Thank you

  48. Manahil Yasir says:

    My kids loved the video and really happy to see all the teachers xxhope to see u all soon .

  49. Cathy Lynch says:

    Really enjoyed watching the video. What a brilliant idea!
    Keep safe, everyone.

    Best wishes,

    Cathy Lynch

  50. Zunaira says:

    Me and my brother Subhaan really loved the video. We miss you all.

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