English Curriculum

Reading at Wibsey Primary School

Writing at Wibsey Primary School



The handwriting style is explicitly taught across the school. Letters are taught in a systematic approach using the Achieving Excellence In Handwriting programme of study (Cusworth Education Services) and a Handwriting Guide is issued to all parents when their child joins the school. By the end of key stage 2, we expect all children to be displaying an efficient, quick, neat and legible handwriting style that is effective in recording their ideas.


Phonics & Spellings

 At Wibsey Primary we use a systematic and rigorous phonics programme across the school – Read, Write, Inc. Children take a National Screening Check at the end of Year 1 where they were expected to decode and blend real words and pseudo words (nonsense words).

In Years 2 to 6, children follow the RWI Spelling programme to ensure systematic and consistent coverage of the National Curriculum’s programme of study requirements. The purpose is to support our pupils to become confident spellers by teaching them a range of strategies, rules and conventions systematically and explicitly.