Nursery News

Since returning to Nursery after the half term break, the children have enjoyed exploring the seasonal changes.

Everyone went outside to find out what had happened to the trees during the half term holiday. Where were the leaves? The children decided that they had been blown off the trees by the wind. They found them on the ground. The children looked up through the branches and said that they could see the sky. Some of them noticed that one tree still had its leaves and also some berries that looked a bit like tiny tomatoes.  Everyone looked for two special leaves and placed them in a long line, so that we could see their beautiful colours.

The children used Autumn leaves, conkers and pine cones to create seasonal pictures.

A big dinosaur – “ROAR”

A caterpillar

After sharing their experiences of seeing fireworks, some children responded through mark-making.


Lots of children have received their first ‘Paw Patrol’ certificate for changing their reading books 5 times.  Well done.


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