Year 3 Holiday Homework


Choose a country to research during the holidays. We would like you to find out and record as much information as you can about a European country. For example;

  • Weather
  • Famous landmarks
  • Wealth
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Famous people from that country

Try to gather as much information as you can as you will be using it to support your learning when you return to school. You can present your information in any way that you wish. This could be a poster, PowerPoint, model or information leaflet. Be creative!!

As well as your topic homework we would like you to complete the Mathletics tasks set, complete at least one reading journal task and practice the KIRFs in your Maths homework book. Here are some spellings for you to practice too for a test on the first week back.

  • brochure
  • chalet
  • charade
  • chef
  • chute
  • machine
  • moustache
  • parachute
  • chandelier

Have a wonderful and restful break.

Ỳear 3 Teachers

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