Year 5 Holiday Homework

Holiday homework – Due Wednesday 21st February 2018

Topic Project:

What is a biome?

Choose one biome to answer the question.

Answer this question however you wish

  • Create a PowerPoint
  • Design a poster
  • Make a model
  • Present your findings any way you would like

Maths – Complete the ‘Ultimate Times Table Challenge’

English – Complete reading comprehension ‘Listen to the Moon’ by Michael Morpurgo

Spellings – Write a sentence for each of these words:

  • awkward
  • cemetery
  • community
  • attached
  • average
  • bargain
  • bruise
  • critic
  • category

Mathletics – Don’t forget to keep going on it.

Reading journals – Complete at least one task during the holidays.

KIRFs – Make sure you are practicing your KIRFs.

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