Year 3

Holiday Homework

Choose a country to research during the holidays. We would like you to find out and record as much information as you can about a European country. For example;

  • Weather
  • Famous landmarks
  • Wealth
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Famous people from that country

Try to gather as much information as you can as you will be using it to support your learning when you return to school. You can present your information in any way that you wish. This could include a poster, PowerPoint, model or information leaflet. Be creative!!

As well as your topic homework we would like you to complete the Mathletics tasks set, complete at least one reading journal task and practice the KIRFs in your maths homework book. Here are some spellings for you to practice too for a test on the first week back.

  • brochure
  • chalet
  • charade
  • chef
  • chute
  • machine
  • moustache
  • parachute
  • chandelier

Have a wonderful and restful break.

Year 3 Teachers

Year 3 Holiday Homework

Have you ever thought about what would make the perfect chocolate bar?  Would it have a hard or a soft centre?  Chewy or crunchy?  Perhaps it would have an unusual flavour or texture.

This is your chance to design your ideal chocolate bar!

If you want to sell your chocolate bar you need to advertise it.  Your first task is to create a poster which will make this wonderful delight fly off the shelves.  What will your bar be called?  Make sure that in your poster you describe the taste, smell and texture of it.  What is in it?  What will make people buy it?

Your second task is to make the packaging for your creation.  You could draw it or use collage materials (such as the sweet papers that may well be around over the holidays!).  Make it stand out and be one of a kind.

We look forward to seeing your creations – we might have to send some of your ideas to Willy Wonka.

Finally, if you have any unusual shapes of chocolate boxes in your house please save them and bring them into school on the first Tuesday back for us to look at.

Please remember to continue working on Mathletics and your reading journal tasks over the holidays.

Have a lovely relaxing break,

Mr Dunderdale, Mrs Paskin, Mrs Germaine, Mrs Hunter-Smith and Mrs Ellis-Barker.

Thank you to Year 3 for your amazing holiday homework!

Year 3 Holiday Homework

Topic Project

How brave a warrior are you?

Carry out some research about the Celts (be as creative as you can!). You can do this however you wish. You could:

  • Design a poster
  • Create a presentation using PowerPoint
  • Create a model
  • Design your own Celtic knot


Can you complete the Place Value Challenge and the Addition Pyramids?

Key Instant Recall Facts (Year 3 – Autumn 2). Make sure you know your multiplication and division facts for the 3 times table.

Spellings – Write a sentence for each of these words:


Mathletics – Don’t forget to keep going on it! You can still achieve certificates over the holidays!

Reading journals
Please try to complete at least one task during the holidays!

Class 3.1 make magical creatues

Class 3.1 have been making magical creatures out of clay. We have enjoyed being creative! Look at some of our creatures

Welcome back Year 3

We hope that everyone had a lovely holiday and are back ready to begin Key Stage 2. We were really pleased to see all the amazing homework that was done over the summer holidays.

Our curriculum this term is based around the text Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. We are already one chapter in and hooked! In English we will be focusing most of our reading and writing around the book and other magical texts. During maths lessons we are focusing on number and place value with numbers up to a thousand. In Science we are looking at Forces and Magnets, while in Computing we will be learning all about communication using email.  During D&T we will be looking at creating clay models of our own magical creatures based on ideas we get from our reading.

PE days : 

3.1 Wednesday

3.2 Thursday

3.3 Monday

There may be an extra PE session on some Tuesday mornings – the teachers will inform the children the week before their slot.

We are focusing a lot on reading in year 3 and would appreciate it if you could support your children in reading for pleasure and completing the reading journal activities on a regular basis.

Homework will be sent home every week and must be completed and returned on time. We are preparing the children for the future and homework tasks will be set to help consolidate the learning for the week.

All children have been provided with their login details for Mathletics. This app can be used on most devices and is a fantastic resource to support your children’s mathematical development. If a child achieves 1000 points in a week, they will be awarded a certificate and the class with the most certificates each week will receive the Mathletics trophy to display in their classroom.

Thank you for all you support and we look forward to sharing our learning with you throughout the year.

The Year 3 teachers,

Mrs Paskin, Mrs Germaine & Mr Dunderdale