Year 5

5-1’s Amazing Homework Projects

WOW! Myself, Mr Emmett and Mr Ahmed have been blown away with the amount of time and effort that the children have been putting into their topic homework projects! Our topic this half term has been based on Natural resources. At the beginning of the half the children were given a homework menu to choose tasks to complete each week. It is amazing to see the children engaging with their learning at home in this way. Keep up the brilliant work.


Here are some of the fantastic pieces of homeworks!

Ryan made a recycle truck to encourage people to recycle more.

Bethany made a recycling bin out of recycled materials and included examples of all materials which can be recycled.

Tommy made a Christmas themed windmill with his Grandad. “I am a wind mill, I use wind to make me turn. I can pump water from a field. I can grind grains to make flour. When the wind blows and the windmill turns, Santa will wave his hand. My energy is free and completely renewable.”

Ben made a model to show how coal is used as a natural resource.

Well done, keep up the hard work! Next half term we will be focussing on Vikings, so get your thinking caps on – what WOW homework can you complete over the holidays?

Holiday Homework


5.1’s visit to the PLC

Leona “I liked this lesson it was fun, I really want to come again”

Ayaan “I think it was good because we did different activities”

Tommy “this lesson was really fun when we went into the changing rooms and stadium”

Ben “I’ve liked this morning as we have learnt about being healthy in a fun and active way”

Tyler “I liked everything”

Lillia-Grace “it was excellent and fabulous”

Harvey “it was a fun and enjoyable morning”

Jyana “The lesson was good”

Emily “I really enjoyed this trip it was fun”

Cole “I enjoyed all the activities”


Amazing Homework

In 5.1 this week Ayaan completed a very ‘yummy’ extra piece of homework! WOW! A very big well done – they are amazing!! It is great to see children so engaged and enthusiastic about their learning and wanting to go that extra mile!

RE Afternoon

This week in Year 5 we have had our RE afternoon where we focussed on our learning question this half term, ‘Why are there different beliefs about God?’ We made links to Monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Sikhism and Islam and compared these with the beliefs of God in Buddhism. We also discussed people’s beliefs as part of the worldview, Humanism and developed our understanding of sacrifice, hope and peace. Here is some of our work from the afternoon.

Class 5.1

In Year 5 we have been learning about what our school used to be like. Last week, we compared our school to Victorian schools and this week we actually experienced part of the Victorian school day. We started our lesson by doing a basic drill and copying Miss Leggett and Mr Emmett, whilst counting 1, 2, 3, 4 at the same time. After that, we copied the school rules on our ‘writing slates.’ Some of us struggled with this, because we found out that in Victorian schools, EVERYONE had to write with their right hand! We could not believe this! During our short Victorian style lesson, we had to call our teachers Sir and Ma’am, stand up when an adult entered the room and stand up if we wanted to speak, but we could not ask questions – we could not believe this! How did the Victorian children ask for help if they were struggling with their learning?! After our short Victorian style lesson, we had a debate to justify why school today is better than Victorian schooling. The children enjoyed this task because they were able to direct their enthusiasm, engagement and attitude in an appropriate way. It was great to see the children deeply engaged with the debate and keen to make links with their learning from last week! The conclusion of our debate was that all of the children agreed that they much prefer school now, in comparison to the Victorian schooling. Here are just a few reasons for why:
  • we have fair teachers who want to help us do well
  • we have fun lessons, where we get to discover new things for ourselves rather than just copying
  • we are accepted and respected for who we are
  • we get to work collaboratively to help each other
  • we have opportunities to use a range of resources to help us learn
  • we have opportunities to engage with a variety of subjects

Year 5 spellings w/e 21/09/2017

Homophones and other often confused words.





















Class 5.1 Handwriter of the week

Congratulations to Kayla in 5.1 for winning handwriter of the week in her first week in Year 5. Kayla works hard to make sure that her handwriting and presentation is maintained across all of her work in the curriculum. Kayla sets a fantastic example of taking pride in her work and her books have been used to show children ‘what a good one looks like.’ Well done Kayla! On Monday, Kayla enjoyed finishing her work in our lovely reading corner. Keep up the amazing presentation!

Year 5 homework

Year 5’s amazing homework projects based on our ‘Are We Alone?’ Science topic.

Year 5 Autumn 1 homework menu